Altoz announces new Deck Wing Extension

Altoz has introduced a new 16-inch Deck Wing Extension for the all-terrain deck on the company’s TRX 766 tracked zero-turn mower. The new accessory is designed for mowing solar fields, under fence lines, shorelines, ditch banks, orchards, water retention ponds and other areas.


Providing 16 inches of additional cutting width (82 inches total) and flexing up to 12 degrees to follow the terrain, the Deck Wing Extension is designed with a low-lift, reversible, hardened steel straight blade for efficient cutting. A spindle cover increases the life of the spindle by protecting the spindle, bearing, and seals — and by preventing grass from wrapping. In addition, the extension is equipped with a locking transport position for easy trailering and storage, as well as easy installation and removal.

“We are excited to introduce the Altoz Deck Wing Extension for the TRX tracked zero-turn mowers,” says Rod Larson, Altoz parts and accessories manager. “This innovative accessory provides the flexibility and versatility needed to tackle those hard-to-reach areas. With its additional cutting width and ability to follow the terrain, the Deck Wing Extension will get the job done 25-percent faster and more efficiently than ever before.”

Altoz reports that the new Deck Wing Extension for the TRX series tracked zero-turn mowers is now available for purchase through authorized dealerships.

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