Kawasaki Engines adds KTech Fuel Treatment


Kawasaki Engines has introduced KTech 3-in-1 Fuel Treatment to its roster of Kawasaki Genuine Parts, which includes KTech oils, fuels, tune-up kits and accessories.

Designed to help protect 4-cycle and 2-cycle gasoline engines and their fuel systems, KTech Fuel Treatment helps eliminate harmful deposits and safeguards against ethanol-related performance issues. This product is alcohol-free and is formulated to keep both carbureted and EFI fuel systems clean and ready to perform, the company reports.

KTech Fuel Treatment provides users with three key benefits:

• Stabilizes – helps stabilize fuel for up to 24 months;

• Cleans – a specialized additive formula helps decompose and eliminate harmful deposits and keeps fuel fresh; and

• Protects – safeguards and preserves metal parts against corrosion, rust, oxidation and other factors caused by moisture buildup.

“Our KTech family of products help customers protect their investment and perform their work with confidence and efficiency,” says Nelson Wilner, senior vice president and general manager. “With the addition now of KTech 3-in-1 Fuel Treatment, we’re able to continue delivering the high performance, trust and reliability that are the hallmarks of all Kawasaki products.”

Kawasaki states that KTech 3-in-1 Fuel Treatment is now available via the company’s dealer network.

As we reported last month, Kawasaki Engines announced the relaunch of KawasakiEnginesUSA, the company’s consumer website. The updated site provides commercial as well as residential customers with easy-to-find and complete information about Kawasaki’s lineup of engines, Kawasaki Genuine Parts and products, and a dealer locator.

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