Landscape Business “Twenty for 2023” New Product Award winners announced

Landscape Business Twenty for 2023

Landscape Business announced its selections for the “Twenty for 2023” New Product Awards. The Landscape Business Twenty for 2023 New Product Awards recognize products for the commercial landscape and irrigation markets.* Products were judged by the EPG Brand Acceleration staff based on innovation, marketability and application within the market.

The Twenty for 2023 New Product Award winners, in alphabetical order by company name, are as follows:

Altoz Deck Wing Extension

Altoz Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

Altoz introduced a new 16″ Deck Wing Extension for the all-terrain deck on its TRX 766 tracked zero-turn mower models. This accessory is designed for mowing solar fields, under fence lines, shorelines, ditch banks, orchards, water retention ponds and anywhere you need to mow. With the Altoz Deck Wing Extension, increase your bottom line by reducing the amount of string trimming needed and reducing man-hours. The extension provides 16″ additional cutting width (82″ total) and flexes up to 12 degrees to follow the terrain. The Deck Wing Extension is designed with a low lift, reversible, hardened-steel straight blade for efficient cutting. A spindle cover protects the spindle, bearing and seals, preventing grass from wrapping, and increasing spindle life. The Deck Wing Extension is equipped with a locking transport position for easy trailering and storage, and is designed for easy installation and removal.

Billy Goat Leaf Dragon

Billy Goat Leaf Dragon Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

Billy Goat’s DL3700VETR Leaf Dragon leaf loader features electric start, and generates 6,900 cfm of high-volume leaf suction. The unit’s fuel-efficient 37-gross-hp., EFI Vanguard 933cc engine is coupled to a 25-inch-diameter shredding impeller with a long span belt for increased life. Curbside intake with a 16-inch-diameter x 10-foot-long hose is ergonomically supported with a three-position locking boom, allowing for 45 square feet of clean-up coverage before moving the unit. A no-tool, two-pin door closure for quick access to the impeller and liner eliminates the time and effort it takes to remove more than 15 bolts for impeller access on other units, encouraging preventative maintenance for longer life of the loader. The road-ready DOT trailer is fully wired with LED lights for smooth, safe operation. The trailer has wide leaf-spring axles, and an adjustable hitch accepts a standard 2-5/16” ball. The Leaf Dragon comes complete with wheel chocks, cone and holder, and rake holders.

Caterpillar Ease of Use technologies

Caterpillar Ease of Use technologies Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

Caterpillar introduced two new mini hydraulic excavator (MHE) Ease of Use (EOU) technologies – Indicate and E-Fence – for the Cat 306 CR, 308 CR and 309 CR next generation mini hydraulic excavators. New to Cat mini excavators, EOU Indicate helps operators to reach grade faster, while EOU E-Fence constrains machine motion to within operator preset boundaries. These technologies are ideal for digging footings, drainage and septic systems, irrigation, electric utilities and applications near structures or obstacles operators need to avoid. They allow operators of all experience levels to work more efficiently and consistently.

Ditch Witch PT37

Ditch Witch PT37 Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

The Ditch Witch PT37 ride-on plow/trencher brings durability and usability to a proven model while retaining a simple, mechanical design. The PT37 is a dedicated plow with an optional trencher, reel-carrier and hydra-bore configuration. An adjustable side-facing seat allows the operator to see all four tires and the plow box while operating. The PT37 is largely mechanical and features a simplified control display. The compact footprint can scale down to 36 inches wide so users can enter standard gates and tight workspaces. A foldable ROPS design allows users to keep the PT37 on a trailer for easy parking and storage. Its tires provide cost savings compared to a tracked version, and minimize the impact on yards. An optional dual-wheel configuration adds traction and stability. A Yanmar diesel engine provides 36.8 hp. at 3,000 rpm. An optimized plow design provides down pressure to maintain consistent plowing up to 24 inches deep.

Douglas Dynamics Western Pile Driver

Douglas Dynamics Western Pile Driver Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

The Western Pile Driver lineup of pusher plows — available in 8-, 10- and 12-foot widths — come in three heights and are compatible with skid-steers, wheel loaders, tractors and backhoe loaders. Patent-pending Trace cutting edge technology is made up of independent 2-foot sections that oscillate, move vertically, and trip to accommodate contours and obstacles in the plowable surface. Each blade section is equipped with a 3/4″ cutting edge with carbide insert for heavy-duty commercial applications. Self-leveling side plates with reversible, bolt-on skis make serviceability easy, allowing you to use both edges of the ski before replacing. The Pile Driver is perfect for clearing large open areas such as airports, manufacturing facilities, retail spaces, parking lots and other job sites with an expansive footprint. Given its size and effectiveness, these pusher plows can eliminate the need to find multiple drivers, thereby reducing labor costs.

Exmark Vertex V-Series

Exmark Vertex V-Series Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

Exmark introduced its first stand-on electric mower – the Vertex V-Series. Designed specifically for commercial mower applications, the HyperCell batteries run cooler to provide more runtime and longer service life. Exmark’s patent-pending management software optimizes performance and delivers up to seven hours of runtime per charge. Commercial high-torque wheel motors and a planetary transmission deliver smooth, responsive control and ground speed of up to 10 mph. The electric powertrain eliminates maintenance associated with gasoline engines, including oil and filter changes, while the electric spindle motors eliminate belt maintenance and replacement. Horizon360 Connect smart equipment remote software provides app-based connection to the machine for real time equipment data, battery charge status and location information. The 52-inch Electric Series 4 side-discharge cutting deck is fabricated and welded from high-strength steel to deliver Exmark’s signature cut quality. High-torque deck motors feature 9-inch-diameter cast-aluminum spindle housings with blade retainers for maximum durability.

Ferris 300S

Ferris 300S Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

The Ferris 300S is taking the four-point suspension that made Ferris a favorite among lawn contractors and making it available in an entry-level zero-turn mower. It offers coil-over shocks suspension, available on the rear for the 42-inch-deck option and stepping up to four-point suspension in the 48- and 52-inch-deck options. This patented suspension system eases the impact of uneven terrain on the operator, making it possible for them to mow longer and feel better. The newest addition to the Ferris line-up features a fully fabricated steel mower deck. The durable mower deck combines with a pivoting front axle, and ball bearings in the castor spindle to ensure durability and a quality cut for years to come. The Ferris 300S is powered by a Briggs & Stratton PXi OHV V-twin engine.

FX Luminaire My Design

FX Luminaire My Design Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

My Design is an easy-to-use free tool from FX Luminaire. It simplifies the design process by combining the power of My List with real images of your project site. The simple controls available in Night Mode let you illustrate the nighttime lighting experience, including the direction and intensity of each fixture. Simply take pictures of the location and import them into the tool. Then drag and drop lighting products over each image and area of the property. Once complete, you’ll have two key takeaways to help close the sale: a stunning proposal and a complete and accurate product list. You can also export a high-quality PDF of your design for your clients and send the product list to your local distributor for faster ordering.

Grasshopper SO26

Grasshopper SO26 Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

With the Grasshopper SO26 stand-on mower, operators of all sizes will appreciate the adjustable command center tower, which provides 4.5″ of range and easy accessibility to switches, levers and controls. The extra-wide, extra-thick pad provides all-day comfort. The EZ Deck Lift Lever allows for effortless cutting height adjustment, and the T-Drive transmission and engine are mounted on the deck, ensuring no damage to drive belts or engine components when raising or lowering the deck. The anti-slip operator platform’s shock-absorbent coil-spring suspension makes users feel like they are floating on air. The SO26 has a low center of gravity. Since the operator platform is nestled between the drive tires, the “slingshot” effect is eliminated. Choose between 52″ or 61″ extra-deep DuraMax decks. Both models are powered by an 810 cc Vanguard OHV engine. The 9.25-gallon fuel capacity allows users to refuel less often and mow up to 5.27 max acres per hour.

Husqvarna Ceora

Husqvarna Ceora Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

In January 2023, Husqvarna Group launched the Ceora, a new autonomous solution for large green spaces. Ceora features the Husqvarna EPOS (Exact Positioning Operating System), a satellite-based technology that enables it to work within virtual boundaries. Ceora will mow up to 18 acres in a 24-hour period at a max cutting height of 2.8 inches. The Husqvarna Ceora is perfect for sports fields, golf courses, city parks or commercial properties, and works under various weather conditions – rain or shine – delivering extraordinary results. Additionally, Ceora offers total turf control – all from your smart phone. Steering, defining cutting areas or changing the schedule is fast and simple. Husqvarna Fleet Services allows surveillance and map localization for full control and theft protection.

Kioti ZXD Diesel Series

Kioti ZXD Diesel Series Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

Kioti’s ZXD Diesel Series was designed with the customer in mind, combining features they know and love paired with the power of a diesel engine. The two new models – the ZXD61 and ZXD72 — are equipped with a 24.5-hp., three-cylinder diesel engine, built to conquer the toughest of jobs. The heavy-duty 17.1-gallon fuel tank reduces the downtime needed for refueling, allowing users to maximize efficiency on the job all day long. Customers can choose between a 61- or 72-inch fabricated mower deck, which feature a reinforced 7-guage deck for long lasting durability. Not only is the ZXD Series durable and comfortable, but the mower provides top-of-the-line cut quality.

Kubota F3710

Kubota F3710 Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

The new F3710 front-mount mower is equipped with a 36.9-hp. Kubota Common Rail System diesel engine for fast, powerful and efficient job performance. Available with both side-discharge and rear-discharge pro-commercial mower decks in 60 inches and 72 inches, the F3710’s high lifting capacity provides the versatility to handle an array of implements such as a grass catcher, snow blower, rotary sweeper and debris blower, and is compatible with all implements currently available for Kubota mowers. An LCD digital panel comes standard on the F3710 and provides operators with vital information like Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) level, engine speed, remaining fuel, water temperature and hour meter. Because long hours on the job can take a toll on operator efficiency, a deluxe high-back seat with four separate adjustments for weight control, lumbar support, back angle and arm rests helps keep operators comfortable and productive all day long.

Milwaukee Tool M12 brushless pruning shears

Milwaukee Tool M12 Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

Milwaukee Tool’s M12 brushless pruning shears deliver the fastest, most controlled pruning while reducing user fatigue by implementing user-focused technology to revolutionize how the job is completed. These pruning shears deliver the power to cut 1-¼” branches in a single pass while simultaneously reducing muscle effort by 75% compared to manual solutions with their inline, lightweight design. When paired with the M12 CP2.0 battery, these pruning shears deliver up to 1,000 cuts per charge in ½-inch branches. The cutting-edge mode select board delivers ultimate user control and efficiency by providing the ability to set blades into half of the maximum capacity, increasing application speed by 40% for smaller, more repetitive cuts. Also incorporated is the advanced Active Blade Control with trigger tracking technology, which allows blade movement to mirror trigger movement – providing users the ability to adjust and optimize cut capacity in application, improving accessibility and control in detailed pruning applications.

RC Mowers AMR

RC Mowers AMR Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

The Autonomous Mowing Robot (AMR) from RC Mowers directly addresses the labor availability problems in the landscaping industry. With these autonomous mowers, landscape contractors can reduce the number of employees needed to handle mowing jobs. The AMR allows a single operator to generate the same revenue as a crew of three. RC Mowers’ Autonomous Mowing Robots provide the opportunity to increase profit from mowing services, which traditionally is the number-one source of landscaping companies’ revenue, but also generally the least profitable.

Scag AerStorm

Scag AerStorm Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

Designed and engineered for long-lasting durability, improved productivity and all-day comfort, the Scag AerStorm is the next generation of aeration. The machine’s heavy-duty construction ensures years of dependable service and worry-free productivity. Behind the AerStorm’s ultra-smooth drive controls is a rugged, dual hydraulic drive system, delivering dependable power with 10cc Hydro-Gear pumps and 14.5ci Parker wheel motors. A powerful and efficient 23-hp. Kohler Command Pro engine delivers huge power, along with exceptional efficiency and dependable performance. An aerating width of 30-inches, paired with speeds up to 7 mph, allows the operator to cover up to 2 acres per hour. The AerStorm features 48 strong, self-cleaning coring tines for reliable and continual turf plug extraction. Adjustable down pressure helps to penetrate even the hardest and driest soils, ensuring effective aeration performance in all conditions.

SiteOne LESCO 300 truck-mounted tank sprayer

SiteOne LESCO 300 Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

SiteOne Landscape Supply’s LESCO 300 truck-mounted tank sprayer offers increased profitability for green industry professionals. The new unit features a 300-gallon tank, all-electric start and 6.5-hp. Vanguard engine. The truck-mounted design offers alternative efficiencies compared to a stand-on unit, such as easy towability and space savings. Featuring a Hydra-Cell pump engineered to be trouble free and low maintenance, providing users a lifetime cost savings of up to $6,500 compared to traditional double diaphragm and piston pumps. The tank sprayer is resistant to corrosive chemicals and features molded, peel-resistant measurement labels for easy reading. It also includes a waterproof, lockable storage compartment. The unit attaches to most truck models and covers a large application area.

Steiner AirFX

Steiner AirFX Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

The Steiner AirFX mower deck attachment is the newest Steiner turf attachment, engineered to produce a pristine quality of cut on various turf types and uneven terrain. This adjustable and easy-to-maintain mower deck can cut at varied heights between 1 and 5 inches, and is available in 61- or 72-inch-width sizes, built to maneuver tight spaces or large acreage efficiently. With a deep-deck, bullnose design and patented Air-Gap baffle system, the AirFX mower deck creates a vacuum that lifts the grass for a superior quality of cut. The deck’s hydraulic lift allows operators to easily raise and lower the deck for height-of-cut adjustments, transport, or cleaning and maintenance, featuring an 80-degree flip-up for optimal accessibility. The attachment’s Air-Gap design increases airflow and aggressively shoots clippings out of the extra-large discharge opening, providing a cleaner deck, while various blow-out ports make end-of-the-day cleaning a breeze.

Stihl AP 500 S

The Stihl AP 500 S battery is the most powerful battery in the Stihl AP Battery System, and features proprietary power-laminate cell technology. With the AP 500 S, Stihl introduced a new type of battery. Thanks to its power-laminate cell technology, this battery offers not only high-energy density and comparatively low weight, but also longevity. When properly cared for, the AP 500 S can accept up to twice as many charging cycles as compared to the conventional Li-ion batteries, providing a significant increase in service life. The AP 500 S battery powers the Stihl AP System of tools that are designed for professional users. It provides an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, packing 337 watt-hours of energy at 4.2 pounds. The AP 500 S is needed to unleash the full power of ground-breaking products such as the new MSA 300 C-O battery-powered chain saw.

Toro eDingo 500

Toro eDingo 500

Specifically designed with the same innovative spirit Toro has applied for more than a century to its equipment, every detail of the new eDingo 500 has been poured over. The HyperCell Power System allows operators to gain efficiency, eliminate engine exhaust emissions, and complete more jobs with less hassle. The new eDingo boasts a powerful rated operating capacity of 515 pounds and a new narrow width of 30 inches, making it capable of fitting through even the tightest of doorways. Plus, the new design has a hinge pin height of 81 inches, which allows for clearing into most standard dumpsters, and 6.5-gpm hydraulic flow. The high operating capacity allows for the effective use of many Toro attachments, including the 4-in-1 bucket, grapple bucket, floor scraper and many more.

Walker Mower C23i

Walker C23i Twenty for 2023 New Product Award

The Model C23i is the latest addition to the Walker Mower line-up, incorporating years of development and testing to deliver an upgraded mowing experience. This mower is designed to be fast, quiet, simple and easy to maintain. The C23i features laser-bend construction, extensive robot welding, and modular assemblies, resulting in precise and repeatable components that offer long-lasting durability. With a 13.25-inch thru-shaft Grass Handling System blower, Hydro-Gear transaxles and a Kohler Command Pro EFI engine, the mower is built for efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance. The key design goal of the C23i is to simplify the Walker Mower, improve manufacturing and operational efficiencies, and reduce the number of parts involved. The result is a mower with fewer belts and pulleys, reduced bearings, no gearboxes and a design that is accessible and easy to maintain for service shops worldwide. The chassis assembly alone has 64% fewer individual parts than a comparable Walker Mower.

* Manufacturers were allowed to submit more than one new product for consideration, as long as the product was introduced to the market between June 2, 2022, and June 1, 2023. The 20 winners were selected from among all qualifying nominations.

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