John Deere Unveils Front-Mount Snowblower

John Deere recently announced its new Frontier SB12F Series Front-Mount Snowblower. Designed for both residential and commercial customers, this mounted blower can clear an 80-in. path and features a 245-degree hydraulic chute to place snow with accuracy. The adjustable and replaceable steel skid shoes help prevent damage or injury from unseen materials on the job.

John Deere front-mount snowblower
John Deere’s new front-mount snowblower cuts an 80-in. path.

“Our customers are always seeking tough and reliable solutions to clear even the most difficult snow during peak winter months,” said Mark Davey, go-to-market manager, John Deere. “The new Frontier™ SB12F Series Snowblower pairs a tried-and-true front-mount design with cutting edge features to help clear snow in record time, keeping operators safer and more productive all season long.”

The snowblower’s heavy-duty front-mount design helps operators reduce fatigue and increase productivity, especially while maneuvering in tight spaces, according to Deere. The increased clearing capacity, hydraulic rotation capabilities and durable steel skid shoes make the SB12F an ideal solution for people who need to tackle harsh weather conditions.

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