Scythe Robotics builds into 2024

Scythe Robotics announced it has completed construction of its new 27,000 square foot headquarters and manufacturing facility in Longmont, Colorado. The new facility doubles Scythe’s production space. The company is increasing factory staff to ramp up production of its M.52 commercial autonomous mower. It plans to produce more than 100 mowers in the next several months. It will deploy mowers to 25 customers in various regions across the country before the 2024 mowing season.

Scythe Robotics mower

The manufacturer announced it is rolling out digital products to increase the productivity of teams using M.52 with field-level data and real-time operational insight. This includes a fleet management platform and an operator mobile app. From current mower deployments with customers in Colorado, Texas, Florida, and Ohio, the company has gained field-use data to improve its products.

Field Safety

To address questions about safety, Scythe points to several tech-focused safety features of the M.52 mower.

The vehicle uses eight HDR cameras and other advanced sensors to give it a 360-degree view of its environment. The vehicle can be stopped by pushing an emergency stop button. And nearby landscaping crew members who oversee the M.52 also hold a wireless remote stop. Plus, if the mower gets too far away, it immediately stops.

The Scythe M.52 has a specialized mow deck discharge design that prevents property damage from projectiles. Flashing, high-visibility LED lights surround the machine to ensure that bystanders and operators can easily see it in operation. And as a last line of defense, bump sensors automatically stop the machine in the event of a collision.

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