December 2023

Welcome to the December digital edition of OPE Business magazine!

Thanks for checking out the December digital edition of OPE Business. We hope you like it.

Considering how much we live – communicate, buy, sell, read, relax – digitally, how much of your business is currently digital? We talked to several software and digital experts about “Digital Transformation” for OPE retailers.

As we approach year’s end, we looked back at recent sales reports from dealers nationwide, and we looked ahead to see trends for 2024 – thanks for useful data from industry experts.

Perhaps most importantly, we introduce you all to OPE Business Award Winners. Our Under 40 and Movers & Shakers awards recognize leaders and innovators, both young and experienced. This is a group to follow and watch. We are glad to know them.

Additional highlights of the December issue of OPE Business include:

  • Hot News
  • Announcing OPE Business Award Winners
  • ’23 Sales and ’24 Trends
  • Kill Your Clipboards! Digital Transformation
  • Landscape Business: Propane Potential
  • Event Marketing Planning
  • Product News
  • And more!

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