Update: CES Power Equipment News

We have updated this post, as of Jan. 15, to share new information from Kubota about its Agri Concept tractor.

The CES event in Las Vegas is now a showcase for cars, trucks, and outdoor power equipment of all sizes. What used to be known by its full name, the consumer electronics show is a futurist exhibit space. We reported on Bobcat’s launch activities at this year’s show. Here are a few shorter glimpses of the future of OPE, as seen at the start of this week’s CES. There may be more to come.

UPDATE: Kubota Agri Concept

Kubota says its fully electric New Agri Concept uses six independent drive motors and a standard three-point hitch, allowing it to use many existing implements for common operations including mowing and tilling. Fast charging from 10% to 80% in less than six minutes enables flexibility by not constraining customers with long charge times, reduces vehicle downtime, and allows the vehicle to quickly get back to work when in operation. Electric drives enable quiet operation making the New Agri Concept easy to operate in residential settings or at night.

Kubota shared a video that highlights key technologies, including: automatic data collection, real-time monitoring, AI identifying potential issues, automation addressing labor challenges, water management automation, and a data platform enhancing productivity.

“I am excited to help unveil our New Agri Concept, which showcases our design philosophy and builds on Kubota’s long legacy of technology innovation for the betterment of society,” said Senior Technologist for Kubota North America Brett McMickell. “This concept vehicle, as shown in the immersive video, displays the future potential of fusing digital and physical to provide complete solutions for our customers. Many technologies, such as AI, connectivity, and autonomy, need to come together in order to realize Kubota’s vision of providing solutions across the food value chain – from growers to consumers. Kubota provided more than a vision, but an invitation to be part of the future where technology works seamlessly with our customers to create a more sustainable and efficient society.”

Along with this tractor, Kubota published a web experience it called “Future Cube.” The site described Kubota’s vision for the future of agriculture, water protection, food systems, and more. The manufacturer is using this site to share its vision for “future earth and technologies.” On the site, Kubota says, “We leverage our technologies to solve problems with eyes on the future.” Kubota says “its contributions will never cease.”  

Kubota concept tractor

Segway Navimow

Segway used the CES event to show its expanding line of home technology products available in North America, including the updated Navimow I series robotic mowers.

“We look forward to introducing consumers to our latest offerings at CES 2024,” said Wayde Zhao, president of Segway Inc. “With this technology, we’re able to offer better solutions from smarter robotics to cleaner energy. Segway wants to make your home work smarter, safer and simpler for you and we believe we’ve done just that.”

Segway navimow robotic mower

The Navimow i Series mower line brings Segway into the perimeter wire-free mowing market. An update on the initial Navimow H Series that is available in 24 countries worldwide, Navimow i Series will come in two variants. The i105 and i110 mowers are designed for lawn sizes up to 1/8 acre and 1/4 acre respectively. The lineup will be available for purchase starting March 1, 2024. Segway said it will reveal pricing and detailed sales information by the end of February.

This new mower introduces Segway’s Exact Fusion Locating System (EFLS) 2.0 which incorporates Real-time kinematic (RTK) system designed for accuracy and stability in positioning. The whole series also comes with an integrated vision system for added positioning skills. The built-in vision system helps visually map and analyze the mower’s surroundings for more precise mowing operation. Additionally, the combination helps the machine tackle different residence scenarios more easily. For larger yards with open spaces, the mower uses RTK positioning, but for yards dense with trees and bushes, the mower can intelligently switch to the vision system for better localization.

The vision system also enables the VisionFence feature, which provides outstanding obstacle avoidance capabilities that can tackle a variety of 20+ obstacles including trees, curbs, running children, and small animals.

Segway says the Navimow i Series is easy to program and maintain; the new model also levels up the installation efficiency with the industry’s only AI-powered assistant mapping feature. Users can choose to have the mower automatically detect the edge of their lawn and navigate itself to map the working area. The product boasts an IP66 waterproof rating, up to 30% slope climbing capability, and customized grass cutting height for U.S. customers. Optional accessories include specially designed garages and antenna extension kits to ensure durability, as well as a Navimow Access+ 4G module that allows users to check the machine status while away.


“We’re excited to bring the Navimow i Series to global consumers, especially users in the U.S.,” said George Ren, CEO of Segway Navimow. “We believe the convenience, intelligence, and smart features of the Navimow i Series will bring the mowing experience of the future a step closer to reality for consumers. We’re proud to be leading the way in speeding up smart transformation.”

Caterpillar News Release

Caterpillar Inc. is set to demonstrate the Power of Possible at CES 2024, one of the largest tech events in the world. The exhibit will highlight Caterpillar’s electric machines and energy solutions, designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers as they electrify their job sites. As a technology leader for nearly a century, Caterpillar continues to innovate and invest in electrification, alternative fuels, connectivity, and digital solutions to help our customers meet their sustainability goals.

“We are thrilled to return to CES to showcase our advancements in energy solutions. This event is renowned as the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators, making it the ideal place for us to demonstrate our leadership in power systems and integrated service solutions, which help our customers in the energy transition,” said Rod Shurman, senior vice president of Caterpillar’s Electrification + Energy Solutions Division.

Exhibit visitors will be drawn to the two electric machines on display: a zero-exhaust-emission underground loader for mining that includes the industry’s only onboard battery with fast-charging capabilities and a mini excavator.

Furthermore, the exhibit will demonstrate Caterpillar’s broad portfolio of integrated solutions designed to help customers electrify their job sites as they build a better, more sustainable world.

Caterpillar Batteries, Energy Storage and Charging Solutions

Designed for rapid plug-and-play installation and integration, battery Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) can be used with any combination of diesel, natural gas or renewable energy sources such as solar or wind. They store surplus power from these energy sources and then discharge from their reserves as needed. The XEX60, compact ESS will be shown at CES and can be used to provide power to Caterpillar charging solutions.

Caterpillar offers and continues to develop charging options to support battery electric machines using industry standard connectors and protocols. The Cat chargers displayed at CES are tested and validated to work with Cat equipment in the same harsh environments where our machines are put to work.

The on-board battery pack on display at CES is designed to power the 301.9 mini excavator with a total capacity of 32 kWh and a nominal voltage of 48 volt. Cat battery packs consist of a modular design with factory integrated telematics and a rugged structure to endure the use on our heavy equipment.

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