Stihl Unveils New Cut-off Machines

At the recent World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, Stihl announced three new cut-off machines including the TSA 300 battery-powered machine.

The TSA 300 Stihl Cutquik is the newest professional battery-powered cut-off machine powered by the Stihl AP battery system. Stihl said this lightweight, low-maintenance tool allows for greater productivity and less user fatigue than the gasoline-powered Stihl TS 420. The company designed it to cut through a 4-in. concrete slab.

Stihl cut-off machine
Stihl TSA300 battery-powered cutt-off machine

The high cutting performance of the cut-off machine is comparable to gasoline-powered cut-off machines. Optional use of the SB 90 N cutting wheel is designed to reduce the noise of the machine by approximately half when compared to other Stihl diamond wheels (i.e., the diamond D-BA90 wheels), making it useful in noise-sensitive areas. Optional use of the SB 90 N cutting wheel is also designed to provide 15 percent faster cutting when compared to other Stihl diamond wheels.

The TSA 300 is equipped with a commercial-grade high-torque brushless motor, while the magnetic filter helps protects the motor from the influence of fine metal dust particles. The durable magnesium cutting wheel guard also improves maneuverability.

Key Features

  • With its IPX4 rating, this machine can be used in wet conditions. Additionally, the quick-connect water hose adapter is designed to prevent water from spraying on the user when the pressurized water hose is disconnected.
  • Stihl Magnetic Filter: Cooling air that flows into the battery-powered cut-off machine is directed so that it flows past several permanent magnets. Metal particles are attracted to and collected at the magnets, and the brushless motor is protected from the influence of the fine metal dust particles.
  • AP batteries work with more than 40 other Stihl AP units.
  • Cutting wheel is designed to stop in less than four seconds thanks to the electronic coast-down brake.
  • The variable-speed trigger enables the user to select the desired speed of the wheel, depending on the material, thickness, density, and composition, keeping the user in complete control of every cut.
  • Compatible with Smart Connector 2A to help users manage the tool from their connected devices.
  • TSA 300 Stihl Cutquik MSRP: $889.99

Stihl Fuel-Injected Cut-off Machines

The TS 710i Stihl Cutquik and TS 910i Stihl Cutquik with electronic fuel injection are the newest gasoline-powered cut-off machines within the Stihl Cutquik lineup. Stihl said it designed these tools to deliver unparalleled power-to-weight efficiency, exceptional performance, and heightened productivity. The TS 710i and TS 910i are equipped with the Stihl ElastoStart grip for easy starting due to the built-in shock absorber, and the fuel-injection technology eliminates the need for a choke. For added versatility, users can alter the cutting wheel and guard mount either inboard or outboard for increased maneuverability and use in additional cutting positions.

Stihl cut-off machine
Both the 710i and 910i are fuel-injected tools

Stihl’s X2 Air Filtration System reduces downtime due to engine maintenance and achieves a 99.96-percent cleaning efficiency. Other features include the sensor-controlled fuel metering, and the water connection with the shut-off valve and quick connector, providing a convenient way to shut off the water when not in use. The Stihl Smart Connector helps transmit data into the Stihl connected platform via Bluetooth, allowing contractors to better manage their fleet.

“These new cut-off machines combine the state-of-the-art engine technology we are known for at Stihl in a newly constructed, compact design, with premium fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust emissions,” said John Allen, Stihl product manager. “Contractors in the field have been waiting for a tool like this, and we are thrilled to bring these new, powerful machines to the market.”

  • TS 710i Stihl Cutquik MSRP: $1,899.99
  • TS 910i Stihl Cutquik MSRP: $2,099.99

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