Kubota adds limited edition RTV520 to lineup

Kubota Tractor Corporation is adding a new, limited edition utility vehicle to its RTV line. The RTV520 Crossroads Edition comes with a factory-installed package that includes popular accessories such as a full cab with tilt out windshield, sliding windows, LED front and rear work lights and a cargo mat. Designed for residential property owners, the RTV520 Crossroads Edition will be available at authorized Kubota dealers beginning March 2024.

Kubota utility vehicle

“Since its launch in 2020, the RTV520 has gained a lot of popularity with residential customers because of its nimble stance, ease of operation and VHT transmission which includes dynamic braking,” said Jacob Mandoza, Kubota product manager, utility vehicles. “This is the first time the RTV520 will receive the full factory-installed treatment; the Crossroads Edition adds a package of the most commonly requested options and accessories all in one place and at a value price.”

Kubota’s new RTV520 Crossroads Edition comes with a full package of options and accessories most requested by residential users. Owners can remove the vehicle’s doors for increased airflow in the hot summer months, and this model fits in the back of a pickup. The limited-edition model comes available in Kubota orange with black alloy wheels and has a top speed of 20 mph. With a redesigned suspension and seat, operators can enjoy time outdoors more comfortably, moving passengers and tools, with the new RTV520 Crossroads Edition.

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