Stihl social ads win AI award

The Stihl Inc. social media team secured a Digiday 2023 Content Marketing Award for Best Use of AI Generated Content. The outdoor power equipment manufacturer won the prestigious award by leveraging artificial intelligence to deploy targeted social ads to inform consumers on the best time to maximize their outdoor projects and prepare their yards for different types of weather.

“We’re honored to win this award amongst an amazing group of competitors,” said Les Robinson, social media manager for Stihl Inc. “Our social program continues to grow and evolve, with AI playing a key role in driving growth and innovation. We want to provide people with information to help them maximize their projects to improve their lives and AI is helping us do that.” 

Stihl recognizes the role weather plays in consumers’ lives and developed a targeted weather-driven paid social strategy. From sunny skies to incoming storms, the social media campaign deployed relevant and timely tips and tutorials to support consumers and local communities during key weather moments.  

By activating video assets via both current and forecasted “Clear Skies,” “Warm & Sunny” and “No Precipitation” weather triggers across Meta, Stihl saw improved ad performance year over year. Most significant were video completion rates, which increased by 113%. Reach increased by 61%, link clicks increased by 3%, and traffic increased to the company’s website,, with visitors spending more than a minute on-site for additional inspiration and tips. The stats indicate that this content deeply resonated with the Stihl audience, as it spent above-average time viewing and engaging with it.

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