New episode of OPE People podcast

We launched our new OPE People podcast in April. On the latest episode of OPE People, we’re talking about connections, powerful connections. I spoke with Cheryl Mailloux, from Anderson Power. Anderson makes the connectors that enable battery-powered equipment to work. The company works with equipment manufacturers on … well, I’ll let Cheryl explain it. Listen in, and check back for more podcasts.

OPE People Podcast

Anderson Power is conducting two webinars in June titled, “Demystifying Battery Power” and they are hosted by Glenn Hansen, editor of OPE+. The conversations include a Manufacturers Discussion, including Chuck Bowen with the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI). And a discussion on Regulations and Safety, with representatives from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Visit Anderson for more info. The webinars are free. Whether you are an equipment dealer or a pro user, you should register now. 

And if you have story ideas for OPE People podcasts, please let us know. We are planning new episodes and enjoy talking with people about their work in power equipment and landscaping industries. 

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