Dewalt introduces 20V tabless cell battery

Dewalt announced its first 20V Max tabless cell battery. Called the XR Powerpack, the 8 Ah battery, according to Dewalt, delivers 50% more power and a longer lifespan. 

In tabless battery cells, electricity can flow across the full length of the anode and cathode rather than being restricted to couple of tabs. Tabless battery cells integrate the electrodes directly into the cell’s exterior surface. This design reduces internal resistance, improves thermal management, and allows for faster charging. By minimizing resistance, tabless battery cells can also enhance overall energy efficiency and increase the longevity of the battery.

“For a century, Dewalt has been a leader in driving the industry forward and bringing the jobsite of the future to life with products that push the boundaries of innovation,” said Frank Mannarino, general manager of Dewalt, Stanley Black & Decker. “With the introduction of a tabless battery within the XR line, we are building upon Dewalt’s legacy of relentless advancement in tools and technology solutions driving superior power and productivity for our professional end users.” 

Dewalt 20V tabless battery

The tabless XR Powerpack battery forces energy through multiple tabs to distribute power, rather than passing through a single tab used in traditional cells. With a greater surface area, the battery can conduct more energy, therefore providing users with increased power outputs. Designed with a durable, overmolded base, the battery possesses a high level of impact and weather resistance. To avoid workflow interruptions, the LED indicator gives visibility to the battery’s state-of-charge.

Dewalt said the XR Powerpack battery is ideal for applications demanding power and runtime, XR Powerstack batteries, which use pouch cell technology, benefit users by delivering power in a compact size for optimal ergonomics.

Dewalt reciprocating saw battery tabless

Dewalt XR power tools coming soon:

  • 20V Max XR 1/2 in. Hammer Drill
  • 20V Max XR 3-Speed High Torque ¼ in. Impact Driver
  • 20V Max 2-1/4 Peak HP Dedicated Plunge Router 

Dewalt said it will rebrand as XR the following tools

  • 20V Max XR 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw
  • 20V Max XR Reciprocating Saw
  • 20V Max XR 4-1/2 to 5 inch Angle Grinder

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