New rooftop cooler for loaders from Diamond Mowers

Diamond Mowers announced a new SK Rooftop Cooler that mounts to skid-steer and compact loaders. The system is compatible with select Bobcat R Series and John Deere models and is designed to enhance performance, efficiency, and operating longevity, said Diamond Mowers in a news release.

Designed for forestry and land clearing operations, Diamond’s Rooftop Cooler provides operators with cooling capabilities to help reduce downtime and increase operating hours per day. With a heat rejection capability of 140,000 BTU per hour, the cooling system dissipates heat, enabling the carrier to maintain optimum hydraulic temperatures under heavy workloads and in challenging environmental conditions.

diamond mowers rooftop cooler

“Mowing and mulching applications are among the most demanding on a hydraulic system, with high loads accompanying high heat,” explained Dan Stachel, executive vice president of Diamond Mowers. “If this heat is not dispersed effectively, it can lead to fluid degradation, reduced performance, overheating, and even equipment failure – all of which can negatively impact productivity. To help keep operators up and running, we built a solution that ensures optimal cooling performance and extends the life of expensive hydraulic components like valves, pumps, and motors.”

Diamond’s Rooftop Cooler weighs 260 pounds and comes with mounting brackets that enable a secure installation to the cab of a carrier without the need for drilling or welding. Keeping the system cool are two 12-in. auto-reversing electric fans, which allow oil to quickly reach its optimal temperature before turning on and circulating air to prevent overheating. A heavy-duty, laser cut lid promotes adequate airflow and protects internal components from branches and debris. Gas struts feature an automatic safety catch and support the weight of the lid while a removable debris screen slides out for easy cleaning and maintenance to further improve airflow and cooling performance.

diamond mowers rooftop cooler

“This system works by using a fan to draw air through a cooler, which cools hydraulic fluid as it passes through,” added Stachel. “The cooled oil is then recirculated back into the system to ensure the equipment remains operating within an optimal temperature range.”

Diamond Mowers’ new Rooftop Cooler can be purchased individually or as part of a Forestry Package combined with Command Couplers and a Safety Glass kit. Featuring an exclusive threaded design to improve attachment performance, reduce downtime, and enhance security, the Command Couplers create a strong connection that delivers superior resistance to repeated pulling and pushing of hydraulic lines and eliminates the need for hydraulic coupler replacements. The Safety Glass kit includes protective shields made of half-inch thick polycarbonate materials that resist impact and deflect debris. The rooftop device retails for $8,175.

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