IA anticipates heightened industry engagement for Smart Irrigation Month

July is Smart Irrigation Month, a month-long initiative dedicated to spotlighting the significant benefits of efficient irrigation and the latest innovations in the wise use of water.

According to the Irrigation Association (IA), increased volunteer interest in supporting the Smart Irrigation Month campaign is trending toward an unprecedented level of engagement in 2024. This underscores the growing importance and awareness of efficient irrigation practices and the commitment by those in the industry to amplify the message and share their stories about the positive impact of efficient irrigation.

Throughout July, IA’s growing community of volunteers will be promoting Smart Irrigation Month through their digital channels, sharing case studies and other content, engaging with the media, and working toward a local or state proclamation of July as Smart Irrigation Month.

“As we celebrate Smart Irrigation Month this July, the theme We are smart irrigation perfectly encapsulates our collective commitment to advancing efficient water use management practices. We’re excited that our valued members and partners are providing an unprecedented level of engagement in our campaign,” said IA CEO Natasha Rankin, MBA, CAE.

A new highlight in 2024 is Wear Blue Wednesday on July 17, where irrigation professionals are encouraged to wear blue on that day to raise awareness of the value of smart irrigation and promote the people, practices and technologies that efficiently apply water to agricultural crops, landscapes and turfgrass. Participants are encouraged to share photos of themselves wearing blue on social media using the hashtag #SmartIrrigationMonth. 

Technology Tuesday is planned for July 9 and will highlight the technology and solutions the industry offers to help foster the wise use of water. Technology Tuesday will also launch the opening of the 2024 New Product Contest.

“Efficient irrigation and smart water use are crucial for sustaining our water resources, supporting agricultural productivity, fostering thriving communities and promoting environmental stewardship,” said Rankin. “July is our industry’s opportunity to highlight how advanced irrigation technologies and practices can significantly enhance water conservation, lower costs and enhance the health of our landscapes and crops.”

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