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The landscaping industry is changing rapidly due to a rising need for eco-friendly alternatives to gas-powered tools. With many cities banning gas equipment, there’s a push for greener solutions. Sunseeker’s
Sunseeker 60V Commercial lineup meets this demand for quieter, cleaner, and more efficient landscaping tools, setting new standards for sustainability and productivity.

Revolutionizing Outdoor Power with Upgraded Battery Platform
The Sunseeker Next-Generation Battery Platform is a game-changer for professional landscapers. It includes advanced second-generation battery packs and a fast charger, providing up to 8 hours of
power with just two batteries. With the option of solar charging, it offers reliable AC power for mobile workstations, improving efficiency and productivity in outdoor settings. This eco-friendly system reduces carbon footprint while ensuring continuous power.

Empower Your Productivity with a 60V Dual-blade Mower
The SUNSEEKER 60V dual-blade Lawn Mower is a pinnacle of efficiency and technology, designed to
deliver impeccable landscaping results. Engineered for both power and durability, this mower features a superior dual-blade system that guarantees precise and efficient cutting. Constructed from high-quality
materials, it ensures long-lasting performance and exceptional results, meeting the demands of professional landscaping needs.

Blowers for Every Task
Sunseeker offers two distinct blowers catering to various outdoor cleaning tasks: a powerful handheld blower for tough tasks and a Backpack Blower for clearing large areas efficiently. The handheld blower features high air volume and speeds with a lightweight design. With the Turbo Boost function, it effortlessly clears leaves, debris, and tough dirt, leaving landscapes spotless. The Backpack Blower is ideal for professionals, offering power, comfort, and extended runtime with a dual battery pack.

Other Options for Landscaping Tasks
In addition to mowers and blowers, Sunseeker provides a range of other landscaping tools designed to meet diverse needs:

  • Brush Cutter: With a robust 1.8KW brushless motor and innovative design features, the Sunseeker brush cutter outperforms conventional gas-powered tools, delivering unmatched performance and efficiency for maintaining various terrains and landscapes.
  • Hedge Trimmer: Featuring a well-balanced design with a multi-position soft-grip handle, it ensures precise trimming with maximum comfort and minimal effort. Offering 3 speed modes and an advanced cooling system for the brushless motor, this trimmer enhances longevity and performance.
  • Pole Hedger: Designed for trimming hard-to-reach areas, the pole hedger features a long, rigid driveshaft that enables versatile trimming angles with its adjustable cutting head of 11 different positions, perfect for topiary and hedge shaping.
  • Top-handle Chainsaw: Featuring a robust brushless motor and a lightweight structure, the SUNSEEKER top-handle chainsaw is the perfect cutting companion for various tasks. From pruning branches to handling challenging cutting jobs, this chainsaw provides precise and efficient cuts effortlessly, guaranteeing versatile performance.

With Sunseeker’s innovative range of battery-powered landscaping equipment, professionals can elevate their efficiency, reduce their environmental impact, and achieve superior results in their outdoor projects

The Sunseeker 60V Commercial is now shipping and available from Sunseeker dealers. For more information about these game-changing products, please visit sunseekertech.com.

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