Shindaiwa Participates in Earth Day Tree Planting Record

Tualatin, Oregon-based Shindaiwa, Inc. participated in a world-record-setting tree planting event in conjunction with Tampa’s on April 22. The 11th Hour Earth Day World Record Tree Planting was designed to alert the public that we have reached the 11th hour and we need to begin considering our place in the environment.

The team of volunteers set a new world record by planting 10,000 Longleaf Pine trees in one day. The earth augers utilized to facilitate the process were specially constructed using Shindaiwa 3410 C4 engines which are known for their low emissions, low fuel consumption, and low noise output. Shindaiwa’s 3410 C4 engine is also renowned for its power and environmentally friendly design.

The Longleaf Pine is classified as an endangered eco-system in the Southeastern United States and Shindaiwa was pleased to help using their environmentally friendly engines.

“C4 technology and Earth Day is a perfect match,” said Joe Gibbs, business development manager for Shindaiwa. “Our C4 engines produce fewer greenhouses gases than regular two-stroke engines and also consume less gas than ordinary hand-held power equipment.  It was a real honor for Shindaiwa to be involved in such a worthy cause and a world record to boot.”

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