New Video on Deere’s “Skid Steer Smackdown” Web Site Showcases CTL Strength

It’s a heavyweight rumble of the industry’s top compact track loaders in the latest video posted to John Deere Construction & Forestry’s Web site (, part of the company’s integrated promotional campaign for equipment users that involves head-to-head contests between Deere and competitor machines.

The new competition tracks three CTLs, including the John Deere CT332, as they lift a 6,200-pound weight on and off a flatbed truck. It’s a challenge requiring strength and stability, important attributes on most construction and landscaping job sites.

Launched in April, “” features machine vs. machine contests captured on video before a live audience, a discussion forum, buying information and more.

The site’s interactive components allow users to pick the Deere machines they’d like to see compared to other units. The videos can then be rated, commented on, and shared with friends and colleagues.

New battles are posted monthly, and an exclusive “Prove It” section goes behind the scenes for a comprehensive look at key specs driving the contest.

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