Horizon introduces Kawasaki product line to its customers

Horizon Distributors recently expanded its product line to offer Kawasaki handheld power products to its customers in Georgia and North Carolina. The addition of Kawasaki products in Georgia and North Carolina is part of Horizon’s continuous expansion of product offerings to meet the growing needs of landscape contractors. Previously, Horizon has only supplied these products to customers in Colorado, Texas and Arizona.

The Georgia and North Carolina Horizon stores will distribute a wide selection of Kawasaki’s handheld power products to their customers. The new product line includes line trimmers, backpack blowers, hedge trimmers and edgers.

“Kawasaki makes a very reliable product,” said Toley McGettigan, product category manager, Horizon. “We like that we can hit the market with products we know are dependable and affordable, which in these times is important.”

Kawasaki’s line of handheld power products offers both performance and durability to commercial users. The brand has an outstanding reputation with professional landscapers and maintenance crews.

Ease-of-use and optimum power are among the many advantages that Kawasaki products offer to customers. Kawasaki has also made every effort to make their products lightweight and comfortable to use.

“With a lighter product, you will have less operator fatigue,” said McGettigan. “But they haven’t sacrificed quality to make it light. These products are dependable and will increase our customers’ efficiency.”

The line of handheld products available through Horizon features Kawasaki’s “Leading Edge” warranty, which covers commercial use for two years and consumer use for five years. This warranty also includes lifetime drive shaft and electronic ignition module protection. Buyers have a 10-day money back guarantee on all Kawasaki handheld power products.

For more information about Kawasaki’s handheld power products, please contact your local Horizon store or visit www.horizononline.com.


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