Honda introduces all-new V-Twin engine series

On Feb. 2, Honda introduced an all-new generation of its V-Twin general-purpose engine. The new V-Twin, the most powerful engine series ever offered by Honda, brings a new level of value, fuel efficiency, emissions performance, versatility and quiet operation to the marketplace.

Featuring 6 all-new models, the new V-Twin engine line offers customers more power, versatility and greater fuel economy in a more compact package. The new GX630, GX660, GX690, GXV630, GXV660 and GXV690 engines are available in both horizontal- and vertical-shaft configurations for a greater range of utility covering a wide range of demanding commercial, rental and turf applications. 

“Our new V-Twin series of engines has been newly designed to offer more power, high fuel economy, low noise, low vibration and low exhaust emissions without the use of a catalyst,” said Scott Conner, assistant vice president, Honda Engines. “The new V-Twin is an ideal fit for an increased number of potential applications that require more power, yet dictate a smaller-sized engine due to product configuration. All of these design enhancements are real advantages for our customers, as well.”

Potential applications for the V-Twin series of engines include utility vehicles, zero-turn-radius mowers, garden tractors, trenchers, stump grinders, chippers/shredders, concrete saws, vibratory rollers, ride-on cement trowels, commercial generators and pressure washers.

The new V-Twin features a cutting-edge style that looks different from other engines, and, in concert with the 36-blade low-noise resin cooling fan, improves cooling efficiencies. Under the multi-faceted styling are technologically-advanced features contributing to the high efficiency and low noise and vibration. These features include the hemispherical combustion chamber design, higher compression ratio, increased displacement, and steel connecting rods. Additionally, an integrated cylinder and head eliminates the need for a head gasket, which results in increased cooling and higher levels of reliability.

Although fuel efficiency is a key attribute of all Honda engines, fuel consumption in the new V-Twin engine is reduced to the levels similar to fuel-injected model engines of the same size. This is accomplished through the advanced combustion chamber design and implementation of Digital Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) with variable ignition timing, and twin-barrel inner-vent carburetion. In addition to high fuel efficiency, the new V-Twin engines will meet the 2011 EPA exhaust emission regulations without the use of a catalyst.

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