New Husqvarna EcoSmart Solutions

Husqvarna is going “greener” – offering a range of products with the environmentally-conscious consumer in mind. From new zero-emission battery-powered products to high-tech, low emission gas-powered engines, Ecosmart solutions help consumers easily identify innovative, “green” products for the lawn and garden.

“Today, we are proud to introduce new technology that not only speaks to our heritage, but leads the way in “green solutions” for the lawn and garden enthusiast and exceeds the performance demands of our consumer,” said Dave Zerfoss, president of Husqvarna Professional Products, Inc. “Being a Swedish company, our environmental philosophy has always permeated the development of new products – it’s an integral part of our business,” said Zerfoss.

EcoSmart solutions from Husqvarna currently include ten products and Husqvarna’s patented X Torq engine technology that powers an additional wide range of handheld products including chain saws, blowers, trimmers and brushcutters.


Battery-powered innovations:

Automower Solar Hybrid, fully robotic, partially powered by the sun
Automower 230ACX, 220AC, 210C, fully robotic battery-powered lawn mowers
TB 1000 Battery Cultivator, battery-powered with gas-powered performance
4210E and 4210EXP Electric Utility Vehicles


Gas-powered technology:

X-Torq engines, reduce emissions by up to 60% and fuel consumption by up to 20%
Low-noise, 356Bt Backpack Blower


Propane technology:

LZ6131P Zero-turn mower, fueled by propane tanks


Manual mower and accessories:

Husqvarna 540 Push Reel Mower, no fuel, no emissions, no environmental impact
Pro Forest Bar & Chain Oil Designed Specifically for the Environment


Automower Solar Hybrid

Husqvarna’s Automower Solar Hybrid is a fully robotic lawn mower partly powered by the sun and uses no fuel or oil.

The Solar Hybrid mower is designed to handle lawns of up to a half acre. Incorporating solar and battery power, it uses considerably less energy than any conventional mower with its large integrated solar panel and is emissions-free. When there is daylight available, the solar cells enable the mower to extend its cutting periods before requiring a recharge. Lower power consumption and an extended battery life enable a faster, more environmentally improved cut.

How it Works:

A small wire is staked to the ground below the grass level, or buried just beneath it, around the perimeter of the lawn.
The on-board navigation system monitors its position relative to the wire, enabling it to effectively mow all parts of the lawn.
Obstacles or other areas within the lawn that should not be mowed are handled in one of two ways:

if the object is rigid and at least six inches tall, the mower bumps into it, reverses and starts off in another direction
other areas, like a flowerbed, are excluded from the cutting area by using the perimeter wire


Automower Solar Hybrid mower is programmable to be personalized via timer, and charges itself when required by returning to its base. The 22-pound mower cuts every day, day or night, rain or shine and has a 4-digit pin code lock feature required to operate the mower and an alarm for security. Other safety features include lightweight and out-of-reach blades and automatic shut off when the device is lifted from the ground. Additionally, the three razor-like blades cut the grass cleanly and more often than a traditional mower which leaves shorter clippings that decompose faster and provide a natural fertilizer for an even better-looking yard.


Automower 230ACX, 220AC, 210C

Husqvarna introduces its newest fully robotic, battery-powered lawn mowers – taking the manual work out of an often tedious chore. Three models, the 230ACX, 220AC and the 210C, offer options for the homeowner looking for a “green” way to mow.

Automower functions in the same capacity as the Automower Solar Hybrid, however it operates on battery alone.


TB 1000 battery cultivator

The world’s first battery-powered cultivator delivers results like any gas driven cultivator in its class, but without noise and emissions. This cordless, multipurpose cultivator is a versatile workhorse that can be fitted with accessories for ridging, detaching and edging.


The high capacity battery offers the same performance of gasoline engines and delivers 30-45 minutes of battery life per charge. The touch-controls, adjustable handlebar, and overall ergonomic and compact design make this cultivator very comfortable and easy to use.


Electric utility vehicle, Husqvarna HUV4210E and 4210EXP

Husqvarna’s compact, electric HUV is ideal for estate owners, nurseries, gardeners, farmers, landscapers as well as homeowners. The 48 volt electric motor can haul up to 800 lbs. – without producing emissions and noise.


Advanced engine technology – X-Torq

Husqvarna has been a leader in developing fuel-efficient engines, beginning with E-Tech in the early 1990s, followed by E-Tech II, and now X-Torq. X-Torq engines reduce fuel consumption by up to 20 percent and emissions up to 60 percent.


Low noise, 356Bt backpack blower

The 356Bt Backpack Blower is the quietest blower on the market in its class. It operates at 64 dB(A) – like a normal conversation level. Low noise is achieved through sound muffling shielding, the encasing engine and Blair Tube Technology which reduces noise beyond the muffler. The Blair Tube also acts to reduce emissions by forcing unburned fuel back into the engine from the muffler, resulting in less unburned fuel vapors into the atmosphere. Cities across the country with Blower bans embrace this technology.


LZ6131P propane powered zero turn mower

This zero-turn mower is ideal for the professional user. The 31 horse power Kawasaki FX850LPG engine meets EPA regulations and operates with lower fuel costs. For companies with large fleets of zero-turns, this is an ideal alternative to gas-powered mowers. The fuel quality remains consistent (propane does not go stale like gasoline) and the likelihood of spillage is non-existent. It also provides a faster fuel throttle response under load.


Husqvarna 540 push reel mower

For homeowners seeking less impact on the environment when mowing, there’s a renewed interest in reel mowers. The new model offers much easier maneuverability from reel mowers of the past, requires no gas or oil, and has zero emissions with a quieter mowing experience. Homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint with a cost-efficient alternative to lawn care and get healthy exercise while mowing.


Bar & chain oil designed specifically for the environment

This EcoSmart solution is a holistic approach to product usage and maintenance. Made from 80 percent canola oil, it is non-toxic and extends the life of the bar, chain and sprocket. It has minimal environmental impact, as the oil biodegrades within 21 days.


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