Efco unveils SA 3000 blower

 Efco’s all-new SA 3000 blower features an ergonomic design with a sleek style and look. It has a suction grill on the right-hand side to avoid catching it on clothing and to guarantee high performance. Backed by Efco’s “Five Year No Fear” (5-year consumer, 2-year professional) warranty, the SA 3000 boasts a maximum 424-cfm air volume and 157-mph air speed. Efco’s VibCut anti-vibration system provides operator comfort and ensures machine durability. The SA 3000 is lightweight (9.5 pounds) and comfortable to use with its rubber handle with throttle lock. It also converts to a vacuum to collect and finely shred leaves and debris. 

Emak USA/(330) 345-5645, ext. 205/www.efcopower.com

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