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Echo HCA-265

The Echo HCA-265 articulating hedge trimmer boasts a 25.4-cc Power Boost Vortex engine for powerful performance, and an improved heavy-duty gear case for maximum cutting durability. It also has a commercial-duty air filtration system to provide longer engine life, a vibration reduction system to deliver operator comfort, and i-30 technology to reduce starting effort by 30 percent. The gear case articulates a total of 180 degrees in 15-degree increments, allowing for a variety of cutting positions. A 59-inch-long shaft allows for extended-reach capability, and the 20-inch, double-sided, double-reciprocating RazorEdge blades feature long-lasting sharpness and enhanced cutting performance. For more information, visit

Efco’s TG 2750 XP

Efco’s TG 2750 XP hedge trimmer features a 1.2-hp./25.4-cc engine with new 30-inch blades that stop in less than 1 second upon releasing the throttle. A new anti-vibration system with 4 springs and 4 rubber mounts, as well as a deflector to keep the engine exhaust away from the operator, provide smooth operation and low operator fatigue. A 180-degree swivel handle makes trimming at any angle easy. This durable unit contains high-quality engine components such as a die-cast chromium-plated cylinder with 2 rings and a forged crankshaft and connecting rod. The TG 2750 XP is backed by Efco’s “Five-Year No-Fear (5-year consumer/2-year professional)” warranty. For more information, visit

Husqvarna 226HD60S

The Husqvarna 226HD60S professional hedge trimmer features X-TORQ technology for reduced fuel consumption by up to 20 percent and reduced emissions by up to 60 percent, as well as less noise. The hedge trimmer’s exhaust is directed toward the front of the machine, which benefits the operator by reducing the fumes and noise, as well as eliminating the risk of burning the hedge. Weighing just 12.57 pounds, the Husqvarna 226HD60S is powered by a 1.14-hp. engine and generates 4,100 cuts per minute. The rear handle can be adjusted to facilitate cutting on the sides or tops of hedges. For more information, visit

Jonsered hedge trimmers

Jonsered offers 2 lightweight hedge trimmer models, the HT 2124 and HT 2124T, with blade lengths of 21.5 and 23.5 inches, respectively. Both boast a 22.5-cc engine, as well as an air-purge primer and choke for fast, reliable starting. The HT 2124T has a 3-position, twist-lock rotating handle that easily adjusts on the fly to handle various cutting angles with less operator fatigue. Both models also have a spring-assist starting system, which greatly reduces the pulling force required. Other features include effective coil-spring vibration dampening, a wide contour front handle for good control, and a large-capacity translucent fuel tank. For more information, visit

Kawasaki hedge trimmers

Kawasaki offers 6 hedge trimmers that satisfy the demands of professional gardening and landscape businesses. With a lifetime electronic ignition module warranty, these lightweight trimmers provide maximum service while keeping noise and vibration to a minimum. Exceptional cutting quality is a Kawasaki hallmark, and the perfectly sharpened and closely fitted upper and lower cutting edges deliver on that promise. All of the models feature an enrichment-type carburetor that provides quick starts and minimizes flooding, and the commercial-grade ball bearing construction employed in the gear box extends hedge trimmer life. Operators are protected from heat-producing components courtesy of surrounding heat shrouds. For more information, visit

Little Wonder electric hedge trimmers

Little Wonder offers 6 electric hedge trimmers with high-quality craftsmanship demanded by professional landscapers. Available in single-edge or double-edge models with 19-, 24- or 30-inch cutting blades, these lightweight, heavy-duty trimmers pack enough power to easily cut stubborn growth up to a half-inch thick and are engineered to last. They have 2 reciprocating blades that glide back and forth for flawless, fatigue-free trimming even at speeds of up to 2,700 cuts per minute. Little Wonder blades are made from individually hand-finished high-carbon steel for excellent cutting performance and longevity. Little Wonder also offers gas hedge trimmers. For more information, visit


Mantis hedge trimmer

The Mantis E-System is comprised of 4 landscaping tools, including a hedge trimmer, line trimmer, edger and pruner. All 4 tools are invigorated by the E-System powerhead, featuring an 850-watt double-insulated motor that offers a maximum speed of 8,000 rpm. The powerhead has a 36-inch shaft, which may be paired with the hedge trimmer and its 24.5-inch shaft. Weighing 6 pounds, the hedge trimmer boasts 20-inch, double-edge, dual-reciprocating, high-carbon steel blades for easily trimming growth up to 3/8-inch thick at speeds up to 4,900 cuts per minute. It offers 180-degree rotation with infinite locking positions for trimming at any angle. For more information, visit

Maruyama commercial-grade hedge trimmers

Ideal for sculpting, shearing or reaching high branches, Maruyama commercial-grade trimmers are engineered to balance power, durability and comfort under heavy daily use. Boasting Maruyama’s 2-cycle power, they feature induction-hardened, chrome-steel blades and dual-reciprocating movement for maximum shearing force. They also have precision ground and polished cutting edges for clean cuts and minimum leaf “browning.” They are available with 24- or 30-inch double-edged or 30- or 40-inch single-edged options. They also come with durable, commercial-grade gear cases. Maruyama backs its hedge trimmers with its Ironclad 5-year commercial warranty. For more information, visit

Shindaiwa’s AHS242

With an overall length of just 66 inches, the lightweight Shindaiwa AHS242 is ideal for trimming low hedges, brush and ground cover. The AHS242 employs an articulating gear case that rotates 135 degrees and has 10 cutting positions. Its 23.9-cc displacement high-torque engine delivers 1.1 hp. The AHS242 has a 2-ring piston and chrome-plated cylinder for exceptional durability and engine life. Its 22-inch double-sided StaySharp chrome-plated blades provide maximum cutting performance. A safety interlock mechanism helps prevent inadvertent activation of the throttle. A barrel-valve carburetor allows for all-position use. For more information, visit

Stihl HSE 60

The Stihl HSE 60 is a dependable, lightweight, fast, electric hedge trimmer that comes with an 18-inch blade and a heavy-duty gearbox. The well-balanced design includes a front handle for multi-position cutting and double-sided reciprocating blades. Generating 3,200 strokes per minute, this electric trimmer delivers all of the power needed without the need of fuel. An extension cord clip is located on the handle. The Stihl HSE 60 also features screw slots in the guard for convenient storage. For more information, visit

Swisher E4-HT3000

The Swisher E4-HT3000 hedge trimmer unites the best attributes of a 2-stroke engine — high power-to-weight ratio, outstanding throttle response, all-position capability, simple maintenance and durability — with the high torque, low noise and improved fuel economy of a 4-stroke engine. Designed especially for the commercial market and fastest available blade speed to ensure precision cutting, it is ideal for trimming and sculpting applications. It is equipped with a heavy-duty clutch designed for smooth engagement and extended wear, and a 24-inch double-sided, reciprocating, stainless-steel blade. Swisher’s E4 hedge trimmers are powerful, lightweight and easy to maneuver. For more information, visit

Tanaka HTD-2530PF

The Tanaka HTD-2530PF hedge trimmer boasts a 24-cc 1.3-hp. PureFire low-emission 2-stroke engine; a 5-position rear handle; and 30-inch double-sided, dual-reciprocating blades to easily cut branches up to 3/4-inch in diameter. Weighing 12.1 pounds, the HTD-2530PF is covered by a 2-year commercial-use warranty, 3-year consumer-use warranty and 1-year rental-use warranty. For more information, visit

Vandermolen’s Windmill F1848Cr

Vandermolen’s Windmill model F1848Cr is a 24-inch hedge clipper that handles effortlessly with versatile front and rear safety grips. It features a throttle-lock, finger-trigger throttle and an on-off slide switch — all on the rear safety handle. The F1848Cr has double-sided, heavy-duty blades that are chrome plated to hold their edges longer between sharpenings. For quick starting, the carburetor is equipped with a primer. The F1848Cr is powered by an 18.4-cc Kawasaki EPA/CARB-compliant engine and weighs only 10-3/4 pounds. For more information, visit

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