Ariens CEO makes statement on tax credit legislation

The Ariens Company is very encouraged that its recently introduced all-electric riding lawn mower, the AMP Rider, would benefit from the proposed tax credit being introduced by Senator Leahy. The legislation proposes a 25-percent tax credit up to $1,000 for the purchase of “nonroad equipment.”

“Ariens Company has made an extensive investment in the development of its electric riding mower,” said Daniel T. Ariens, the company’s CEO. “Clearly, the proposed legislation is intended to encourage consumers to purchase non-polluting lawn maintenance equipment, such as the Ariens AMP.”

Ariens company believes the proposed tax credit is a worthy initiative that will not only spread the use of non-polluting equipment, but will also encourage manufacturers to continue to develop new, alternative technologies to make lawn maintenance cleaner, quieter and less of an impact on the environment.

“Despite the fact that a well-maintained lawn is already a proven means on carbon sequestration, we can now make sure that lawn is also maintained with as little impact on the environment as possible,” added Ariens.

With Ariens’ extensive investment in the development of the AMP Rider, Ariens is closely monitoring the acceptance of this new technology; successful sales of these mowers will allow the company to continue its innovation and development of even more environmentally friendly products.

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