Maruyama signs leading OPE distributor

Maruyama U.S. Inc. announced a business partnership with venerable outdoor power equipment distributor, Tru-Power, Inc., located in Corona, Calif., on May 5. Effective May 28, Tru-Power will begin the distribution of Maruyama products.


Maruyama’s Tom Glaze, left, congratulates Tru-Power’s Chet Pinto on becoming a Maruyama distributor.For more than 30 years, Tru-Power has specialized in the distribution of quality commercial lawn and garden products and industrial landscaping equipment. Tru-Power will distribute Maruyama products in California-south, Arizona, and Nevada.

“On behalf of the entire Tru-Power team, I’m very excited about this great opportunity to represent the Maruyama line of commercial outdoor power equipment and chemical applications equipment,” said Jack Ball, sales manager for Tru-Power. “There’s always a great feeling when you start a business relationship with a quality company like Maruyama.”

Tru-Power is well known in the industry for outstanding customer service and technical acumen, and Tru-Power’s six-member sales team averages 24 years of industry experience. Tru-Power CEO Chet Pinto added, “After meeting with the Maruyama representatives and going over the breadth and obvious quality of their product line, I can say for certain what a tremendous business opportunity this is for Tru-Power and our dealers!”

Throughout its illustrious tenure as a distributor of outdoor power equipment, Tru-Power has recorded many accomplishments. In 2004, Tru-Power was awarded the world-wide Distributor of the Year Award for excellence in sales and service by Shindaiwa, Inc. According to Tom Glaze, vice president and general manager for Maruyama U.S. Inc., “Maruyama is thrilled to partner with a high-caliber distributor like Tru-Power. Their excitement and enthusiasm towards our products is a true formula for success in growing the Maruyama brand.” Added Leif Ringstad, general sales manager, Maruyama U.S. Inc., “From our first meeting, the synergy between Maruyama and Tru-Power was obvious. I’m confident the business relationship between our two companies will be positive, profitable and long-lasting.”

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