New wire brush wheel blade for edger

Specifically developed for edging along asphalt surfaces, the wire brush wheel blade will quickly and sharply slice away the grass while not harming the asphalt surface. The brush wheel blade is designed specifically to fit on the Atom Professional/Cart Path Edger – the award-winning, upright, shaft-drive edger from Australia. “Traditional bladed edgers have trouble with asphalt surfaces because the blades either tear up the asphalt or are quickly worn down,” says Scott Sweeney from Seago Intl., the United States distributor for Atom. “This wire blade is very durable and, when paired with the incredibly fast Atom Edger, speed, efficiency and safety is unmatched.” Initial testing shows that the wire brush blade lasts upwards of 30 miles before needing replacement. The Atom Edger is capable of 300 feet per minute, or approximately eight miles per day.

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