Stens adds more than 140 new parts to its product offering

Stens has added more than140 new parts to its product offering. Stens has expanded its replacement parts offering to include more than 50 new belts, hubcaps, new and improved True Blue starter rope, Sta-bil ethanol treatment, fuel parts, and Bio lubricants.

Stens’ new hubcaps are available in 8-, 10- and 12-inch diameter. Designed to make your wheels look stylish, they also free your wheels of debris.

Stens’ True Blue starter rope absorbs no humidity, which means there will be no loss in strength. The outer coating helps seal the rope, increasing its abrasion resistance. With the benefit of extra strength and abrasion resistance, True Blue starter rope has a 30 percent longer life than other starter ropes.

Also, Stens’ new line of Bio lubricants, featuring bar and chain oil, grease and Bio-Mix 2-cycle oil, is biodegradable and non-toxic. The Stens Bio bar and chain oil contains a corrosion inhibitor for protection from moisture and reduces harmful effects to soil and water. Stens’ multi-purpose Bio Grease has a high dropping point, contains rust inhibitors, and offers corrosion and anti-wear protection. Stens Bio-Mix 2-cycle oil meets ISO GD, JASO FD and API TC ratings. It features rapid biodegradation and no toxicity, so it will not harm plants, animals or water if unburned oil is deposited on grass or into water.

In addition, the all new Sta-bil ethanol treatment can be used in all 2 and 4-cycle gasoline engines, gasoline/oil mixtures and ethanol blends. Not just for marine engines, Sta-bil ethanol treatment has been determined to be safe for all outdoor power equipment, including lawnmowers, tractors and grass trimmers. This ethanol-compatible additive offers double the corrosion prevention and four times the fuel system cleaner than regular Sta-bil.

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