TurnAer aerators from Turfco Direct

 With its TurnAer 4 and 6 aerators, Turfco Direct continues to make aeration easy for landscape crews to perform. And with the additional TurnAer Chariot ride-on attachment, one of the most challenging jobs requiring the fittest, strongest crew members is now efficiently performed by any operator.

Turfco Direct took a 360-degree look at the job of aeration, from the moment a landscape contractor starts the engine and unloads it from the trailer, to the moment that machine goes back onto the trailer at the end of the job, and everything in-between. Innovatively, Turfco not only focused on increasing productivity during aeration, but also on easing the strain of getting equipment to and from jobs, up and down ramps, or in and out of trailers. These differences allow crews to work more productively for longer periods of time with less back strain on operators.

Turfco Direct developed its patented DiffDrive system with dual-brake action, which allows the machines to turn corners with the tines in the ground. This system eliminates the need to stop and lift the machines to make a turn. It also allows the operator to maneuver the TurnAer much like a mid-size mower around trees, flowerbeds and other landscape features.

The TurnAer 4 and 6 also feature Turfco’s exclusive front-traction drive, which significantly increases the control available during aerator transport and while loading onto a truck or trailer. Constructed of long-wearing rubber, the front-traction drive replaces the typical nylon drive drum(s) with three (TurnAer 4) or four (TurnAer 6) high-traction tires. In addition to enhancing traction, front-traction drive also provides smoother, more refined operation on paved or concrete surfaces.

The TurnAer Chariot ride-on system can be attached to, or removed without tools from either the TurnAer 4 or TurnAer 6 aerator in just seconds. The TurnAer Chariot allows the operator to simply step on and ride until the project is complete. Fatigue is reduced significantly, allowing crews to take on larger, more profitable aeration jobs.

The TurnAer 4 features a 17-inch aeration width and is capable of fitting through a 28-inch gate, while the TurnAer 6 has an aeration width of just under 24 ½-inches, and is capable of fitting through a 36-inch gate. Both TurnAer models are powered by a four-horsepower Honda® engine, and the heat-treated alloy steel tines can achieve up to a 2 ¾ inch core depth. A spring-powered lift assist makes raising and lowering the tines quick and easy.

Additional features of Turfco’s TurnAer aerators include:

Compact design – provides easy maneuverability in highly-landscaped lawns.
Folding, multi-height handle – allows for compact storage and comfortable operation.
Sealed, self-aligning bearings – provides long life with reduced maintenance.
Spring-powered lift assist reduces operator fatigue.
Available from Turfco Direct by phone, Web or fax – your direct source for lawn renovation equipment.

The TurnAer 4, TurnAer 6 and TurnAer Chariot are backed by Turfco Direct’s two-year commercial warranty, as well as the company’s renowned technical service, available by fax, telephone or online at www.turfcodirect.com.


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