Exmark introduces new mowers at GIE+EXPO

Exmark will introduce four new mowers at GIE+EXPO. These products complement Exmark’s already impressive line-up of professional- grade mowers, some of which have been enhanced for 2010.

New Mowers

Vantage: Vantage is Exmark’s first stand-on mower providing users with comfort, increased productivity and a superior cut. Combined with ergonomically-designed controls including a variable speed bar, Vantage’s self- compensating suspension system reduces operator fatigue and increases job quality.  The unit’s compact size offers operators increased maneuverability, standing tall over the front of the machine provides exceptional visibility to keep a better watch on the deck and any upcoming obstacles, while its superior traction and handling allows users to mow changing landscapes effortlessly. Vantage’s durable 1.5″ X 3.0″ steel frame is available with 48″ and 52″ decks. Vantage contains the distinct caster position found on all Exmark mowers and the mower utilizes Exmark’s UltraCutâ„¢ deck to deliver the same cut quality the pros have come to expect from only an Exmark.

Quest SP: Exmark’s Quest SP includes enhancements and additional features to the original Quest mower which provides greater durability and productivity in a heavy duty, zero-turn mower.  Quest SP, available with a 20 or 22 hp Kawasaki V-Twin commercial grade engine, lives longer and maintains blade tip speed for improved cut quality. The mower’s patented cutting decks, available in 44″, 48″ and 52″, yields professional results and the 5.0″-deep deck improves cutting capacity. Quest SP has a ground speed of 0 – 8 mph moving forward and 0 – 5 mph in reverse for increased productivity. The unit’s Milsco Michigan Seat, HydroGear ZT3100 hydrostatic drive system and foot-operated Quick Height Adjust System gives users an easy, smooth driving experience.

Commercial 21 and Commercial 21 AS: The Commercial 21 and Commercial 21 AS mowers are an optimized, clean-sheet design for improved balance and maneuverability. These walk-behind, commercial-grade machines are durable, require less service/maintenance and are easy to use. The 21″ cutting deck makes Exmark’s Commercial 21 and Commercial 21 AS the ultimate full- featured commercial trim and finish mowers for landscape professionals.

Lazer Z AS: Exmark’s Lazer Z AS is a commercial-grade zero-turn in a value package. Powered by a 20 hp Kawasaki, the Lazer Z AS is available with 48″ or 52″ decks, both 5.5″ deep with cutting heights ranging from 1.5″ – 4.5″.

The unibody frame features a rear-sloping foldable ROPS bar and provides operators with a comfortable ride thanks to the unit’s high back seat. The Lazer Z AS has a ground speed of up to 8 mph.

Exmark also has integrated alternative fuel and higher fuel-efficiency mowers into its line-up for 2010. Two of the units are EPA certified using alternative fuel that can burn cleaner, reduce carbon deposits and emissions and engine maintenance costs while prolonging the life of the engine.

Environmentally-Friendly Mowers

Turf Tracer Propane: As the industry’s ultimate, full-featured hydro mower, Exmark’s Turf Tracer Propane mower is tough on grass and easy on the environment. The unit is powered by a 23 hp Kawasaki with a propane fuel system conforming to NFPA 58 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code (National Fire Protection Association). It features dual fuel lock off for added safety (low vacuum and oil pressure activated). The Turf Tracer Propane is available with a 60″ cutting deck and features Exmark’s exclusive Enhanced Control System (ECS), as well as a heavy-duty canister air filtration system, which improve engine life, simplify maintenance and boost overall productivity.


Propane-ready Lazer Z: Exmark’s propane-ready Lazer Z is setting a new standard for the environment. The unit is powered by a 28 hp Kawasaki V- twin, governed to 3750 rpm. Its propane fuel system conforms to NFPA 58 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code and features dual fuel lock off for added safety (low vacuum and oil pressure activated). Exmark’s propane-ready Lazer Z is available with a 60″ cutting deck and features a full-floating, UltraCut Series 6 5.5″-deep deck design.

Lazer Z EFI: Exmark’s Lazer Z EFI mower is environmentally friendly and delivers unmatched results. The Lazer EFI features a Kohler electronic fuel- injection (EFI) engine on the Lazer Z in 29 hp with a 60″ UltraCut Series 6.

These engines offer significant fuel savings, improved performance and reduced emissions. An industry first, the Kohler EFI features a cleaner burning system and has an improved throttle response, all while the mower still delivers a high quality cut.

Full product specifications can be found at www.exmark.com. Find Exmark on Twitter at @exmarkmowers.

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