Toro introduces TRX-26 walk-behind trencher

 Toro is extending its line of dedicated walk-behind trenchers with the introduction of the Toro TRX-26, the most powerful of its kind. Boasting a 26-hp. Kawasaki engine, the TRX-26 is ideal for utility workers, irrigation contractors and plumbers looking for the power of a ride-on trencher, with the maneuverability and control of a walk-behind unit.

“Based on feedback we received from contractors, we found there was a growing demand for a larger, more powerful walk-behind trencher,” said Greg Lawrence, product marketing manager for Toro. “To fill the gap between ride-ons and smaller walk-behinds, Toro designed the TRX-26 to be powerful, yet easy to use.”

The tracked walk-behind trencher market has grown since Toro first introduced the TRX-15 and TRX-19, but Toro’s line of TRX models still stands out for its ease of use and overall performance. Operator-friendly controls make the TRX models more productive and easier to learn and operate than many competitors’ tracked walk-behind trenchers, and a lower center of gravity means more stability on hills and uneven terrain. With many of the same features as the popular Toro TRX-15 and TRX-19 models, the TRX-26 makes trenching more efficient without putting any extra strain on the operator.

The patented Toro Dingo TX-style control system on the TRX-26 makes it easy to control and eliminates the “jerk” steering required with handlebar control steering, allowing for smoother, more precise trenching. Three simple controls operate all traction and trenching functions, making the TRX-26 much easier to use and learn than other trenchers. And with its zero-turn capability and ground pressure as low as 4.1 psi, the TRX-26 has the ability to access confined spaces without damaging existing turf.

Contractors will also enjoy the low-profile tracked design of the TRX-26, which provides a low center of gravity and a large footprint for increased stability and added traction on hills and uneven terrain. The tracked design also gives the TRX-26 excellent cross-trenching capabilities. “Tracks help the operator maneuver over perpendicular trenches effortlessly, where wheeled units may get stuck in the existing trench. It’s rare that someone will only need to trench in straight lines, so the ability to cross-trench is important,” said Lawrence.

The TRX-26 can be outfitted with Toro’s 2-, 3- or 4-foot boom attachments, allowing it to trench up to 8 inches wide and up to 48 inches deep. With multiple boom options, contractors can choose the right size boom for their specific job, whether that’s the 4-foot boom for installing utility lines or the 2-foot boom for irrigation or drain tile applications. Other available options for the TRX-26 include soil chain, combo chain, crumber and backfill blade attachments.

“No matter what type of trenching job a contractor is working on, they’re going to be impressed by the performance of the TRX-26,” said Lawrence. “There is simply no other trencher on the market right now that can match its power and control.”

To learn more about the new Toro TRX-26 walk-behind trencher, contact The Toro Company at 1-800-Dig-Toro (1-800-344-8676); send an e-mail to; or visit

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