Echo’s Bed Redefiner proves to be a turf and cost cutter

 Echo’s BRD-280 Bed Redefiner is entering its second season of use and it has already proven to be an effective turf cutter as well as a cost saver in terms of time, dollars and crew productivity. The BRD-280 cuts cost right out of the trailer and makes crews more efficient, allowing them to finish quicker and get onto the next job. “We ran four BRDs this summer and, instead of doing the work with a spade edge, they resulted in a 15-percent cost savings equivalent to almost seven personnel,” said Patrick Palmer of Palmers Property Maintenance in Northern Virginia. Based on a handheld design, the BRD-280 allows landscapers to perform routine flowerbed and garden edge maintenance without the “bulk” of wheeled machines or the time-consuming, hard work associated with the use of shovels. It’s also significantly less expensive and easier to use than a wheeled unit. The 6-fingered blade with carbide tips creates the crisp beveled groove and is powered by a 28.1-cc Power Boost Vortex engine. The BRD-280 is available through Echo dealers in time for spring season. To view the product in action and see usage tips, visit

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