Basic Software Systems announces partnership with Consolidated Data to introduce CODIS-Access interface

Basic Software Systems, Inc., a business management system provider, announced March 2 that it formed a partnership with Consolidated Data to release a CODIS-Access electronic-ordering interface for OPE dealers and distributors.

CODIS-Access is an electronic business-to-business e-commerce protocol developed by Consolidated Data that enables electronic transactions to be sent from computer to computer within a supply chain. The CODIS-Access technology creates standard for electronic documents such as purchase orders, “real time” stock inquiry, order confirmation receipts and much more. CODIS-Access simply acts as the common language between two business systems. The CODIS-Access interface with Basic Software Systems’ business management software solution providers dealers with numerous dealer parts functions, including providing parts pricing and availability, submitting parts orders, order search, and order status information.

Features/benefits include:

Parts inquiry and orders all from one interface
Real-time access to see customer specific pricing, parts availability, supersession information and order status of desired parts
Dealers have information at their fingertips 24/7
Does not require a separate window for Persona
Distributors receive orders electronically, drastically reducing errors and mistakes commonly found in faxed or phone orders – avoid double order entry for dealer in their business system

These valuable tools are of great benefit to dealers and will provide information quickly, and easily meet your CODIS distributor’s technology requirements. Current CODIS distributors, listed in alphabetical order, are as follows: AES LawnParts, Atlantic Power Inc., Central Power Systems, Engine Warehouse Inc., Gardner/GPE, Gardner-Connell, Magneto Power, Medart Engine/Marine, MWE, PES, Power Source Canada, Preferred Power, RBI and SEDCO.

“It has been great working with Consolidated Data and their development team in making the CODIS-Access interface from Basic Software Systems one of our best efforts.” said Ed Archambo, CEO of Basic Software Systems. “Basic Software will continue teaming up with great partners like Consolidated Data to help our customers stay on top with technological advances that are available.”

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