Charter Software announces enhancements to DealerWin

Charter Software recently added new features to its Windows-based business management system, DealerWin. The enhancements include the addition of the CODIS-Access interface and the inclusion of Breadth Reporting capability for CNH Case New Holland dealers.

The CODIS-Access interface allows dealers who work with distributors using the CODIS-Access system to submit parts orders to their distributor directly from the DealerWin orders screen without needing to leave the system. “Because of the CODIS-Access system’s growing popularity among OPE distributors, we felt it was important to include this integration in our business management system,” said Charter Software President Anne Salemo. “We have a large number of customers who do business with distributors using the CODIS system, and the numbers are expected to grow. Our integration with CODIS-Access will minimize redundant data entry and speed up the ordering process for these dealers, so they can keep their customers as their focal point.”

The CNH Breadth Reporting capability fulfills new requirements for CNH Case New Holland dealers. The system automatically creates and electronically sends the required breadth report monthly to CNH from within the DealerWin Parts module. “At Charter Software, our goal is to provide tight seamless integration between major manufacturers and our business system products, and we take pride in our ability to implement new requirements for dealers in an expedient manner,” said Salemo.

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