Independent We Stand supports small businesses and educates consumers about the benefits of buying local

“Independent We Stand,” powered by Stihl, is a new program that is supporting small businesses and educating consumbers about the benefits of buying local.

“It is a movement,” said Bill Brunelle, project manager for Independent We Stand. “It’s a movement of locally owned and operated businesses dedicated to educating their communities about the importance and the strong economic benefits of supporting local businesses.”

According to Brunelle, One of the biggest reasons for “Independent We Stand” is that small business has the ability to create jobs. Over 75 percent of all new jobs in America will be created with small businesses.

“When you spend 100 dollars at a local store, more of your money is going to stay in the community,” Brunelle added. “Research shows that small businesses reinvest in the economy at a 60 percent higher rate than chains. When you support a local business, there is a good chance that they use a local accountant, a local lawyer, a local marketing firm — so there is a ripple effect on the economy.”

According to Brunelle, the movement is about creating awareness and educating consumers about the value of supporting independent small businesses.

The website — — includes studies, links and economic articles that will show why it is important to support local businesses. There is also a section where businesses can sign up so that they can be found by consumers, and consumers can take a pledge to shop local.

“In just a few short weeks, we’ve already had 7,700 businesses sign up on our database, and in just a few weeks, consumers have used it over 1,000 times to find local businesses,” said Brunelle. “This is a very strong way to bring small businesses back to where they belong.”

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