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Question: How do you plan to improve your service department this season?

Last year, we hired Bob Clements with Bob Clements International, Inc. to help us with developing a service process for each specific location. Mechanic performance is up over 126-percent efficiency, which allows us to uphold our Platinum Service Standards, including 24-hour turnaround for commercial customers. We are concentrating on eliminating technicians’ non-billable time and finding the right people to complete our team. With our new standardized processes, this shouldn’t be hard!
— Julie Bode, manager
Scott’s Power Equipment
4 locations in St. Louis, Mo., metro area

We are adding a clerk to take care of receiving, disbursing, picking up, and delivering equipment. The clerk will take care of office paperwork that was formerly handled by the owner/operator. Also, this new person will have an office within earshot of the mechanic, so communications should be efficient.
— Flute Snyder
Hudson Mower Doctor
Hudson, Wis.

We try to improve our service department during the winter months, so we are all prepared come spring. The first thing we did over the winter was to re-arrange our shop area, so each tech has his own station with easier access to tractor lifts. We also bought new workbenches for cleaner work areas and installed new lights for better visibility. Our third tech is a young man who has been going to vo-tech and will graduate this spring. Then, he will work full time for us; this has been a three-year project, and we are glad is he staying with us.
— John P. Moon
Moon’s Farm-Yard Center, Inc.
Ulysses, Pa.

Already put my plan in action. Hired more techs and counter sales to be able to get equipment checked in quicker and work out quicker. Already ordered in more stock on my spring orders and have the parts in place to get the units in and out. Just hope I don’t shoot myself in the foot with the extra expense of more employees.
— Tony Nation
Nation’s Small Engine, Inc.
Hot Springs, Ark.

I feel like our service department really “hums along” efficient and smooth. However, there is always room for improvement. This year, we are looking at the small stuff to make things cleaner and better organized, making parts easier to find, as well as keeping all lines of communication open.
— Dean Davis
Dogwood Fireplace & Lawn
Carbondale, Ill.

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