Gravely Pro-Turn 200 XDZ mowers now available with Kohler closed-loop EFI engines

The Gravely Pro-Turn 200 XDZ Series of commercial zero-turn mowers are now available with a Kohler 29-hp. closed-loop Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) engine.

The 200 Series mowers feature a simplified design that minimizes maintenance, downtime and input costs. When equipped with the Kohler closed-loop EFI, the Gravely Pro-Turn 252 and 260 mowers’ performance and efficiency are further enhanced.

The Kohler engine improves fuel economy on the Pro-Turn 252 and 260 by as much as 20 percent, according to calculations by Gravely product engineers. Kohler calculates with gasoline at $3.70 a gallon, the closed-loop EFI will pay for itself in less than 400 hours. After payback, savings continue at approximately $.96 per hour at $3.70 per gallon for gas.

The Kohler closed-loop EFI engine has significant advantages over open-loop systems. Kohler’s EFI is the only engine to use an oxygen sensor to provide continuous combustion feedback, which monitors and adjusts engine operating parameters to guarantee optimal performance and best fuel consumption.

With its automotive-type operation, the EFI is easy to use and features the best starting under all conditions. The engine requires no choke to set at start-up and can hot re-start with no problem. No carburetor means easier maintenance.

The Kohler closed-loop EFI also features impressive load response. “Gravely product engineers calculate that when operating the Pro-Turn 260 at full throttle with the deck on, for instance, the engine is operating at 60-percent load capacity, leaving 40-percent load capacity in reserve for heavy grass or hilly terrain, according to Brian Gloudemans, Gravely’s commercial ride-on engineering leader.

The innovative engine features a feedback information system, which includes software that assists in troubleshooting and provides data on engine operating parameters for the life of the engine. The EFI’s electronic control unit maintains an internal log of operating conditions, total hours, oil temperatures and detailed load diagnostics, providing dealers with critical performance information to facilitate service.

Offering a 7-gauge fabricated and welded X-Factor deck with robust, 2-1/2-inch by 1-1/2-inch by 1/4-inch steel frame tubing, the new Pro-Turn 200 mowers allow 17 cutting positions in .25-inch increments. The mowers also offer maintenance-free XL spindles with durable cast-iron housings and an Ogura GT 3.5 electric clutch and foot-operated deck lift system.

All Kohler 29-hp. closed-loop EFIs are backed by a 3-year commercial warranty.

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