Stihl kicks off Dealer Days in grand fashion

Stihl Inc. recently launched the largest, most comprehensive national sales event in its history. By coordinating its marketing and advertising assets across the full spectrum of communication outlets nationwide, Stihl is using Stihl Dealer Days to show its continued support for its network of independent servicing dealers across the country.

The event, which runs from April 25 to June 5, features a range of Stihl consumer models aimed at the serious gardener and DIY homeowner. Stihl products are available only through independent servicing dealers.

“Our success depends on the success of our independent servicing dealers, and Stihl Dealer Days is another way to celebrate our dedicated dealers and their importance to the Stihl brand and our customers,” said Peter Burton, vice president of sales and marketing for Stihl Inc.

The coordinated promotional campaign includes a blend of multimedia across traditional and new media platforms. In addition to national network cable television spots, full-color, national newspaper ads, regional retail television, newsprint and radio, and in-store marketing, the campaign includes online banner ads, dealer microsite messaging, messaging, e-mail marketing blasts, mobile marketing with implementation of QR codes for POP, and social media. Key messages of the national promotion highlight independent dealer services and feature value-priced products.

Working with its agencies, Stihl produced a total of 22 different versions of its television ad “Get There” for regional media buys featuring local spring season offers and Web-based calls to action at the end.

“Because Stihl dealers are independent, the coordination of such a nationwide collaborative effort celebrates the teamwork and dedication throughout the Stihl network of dealers, distributors and Stihl Inc. personnel,” stated Burton. “It’s a combination that continues to be successful for Stihl and Stihl dealers.”

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