Gravely introduces rear-discharge deck option for Pro-Master 260 mower

The Gravely Pro-Master 260 mower is now available with a new rear-discharge deck, meeting a growing need for commercial and government contractors. This deck is ideal for mowing near obstacles, as clippings are diverted behind the machine instead of out the side. The mower features a 60-inch cutting width, 13.4-gallon fuel capacity and 13-mph ground speed. The Pro-Master is powered by a 27-hp. Briggs & Stratton Daihatsu diesel engine. The 60-inch deck is based on the 7-gauge X-Factor deck currently found on Gravely’s side discharge model.

There are numerous benefits to mowing with a rear-discharge deck, according to Bill Engler, director of contractor sales for Gravely. “This type of deck reduces the risks of mowing near people, vehicles and windows,” he said. “Any projectiles picked up by the mower are directed down and backwards, creating a safer environment.”

Because grass is discharged from the back of the machine, clippings remain on the turf instead of on roadways and sidewalks, added Engler. This minimizes additional cleanup work and keeps property looking manicured. In addition, the trim edge on both sides of the deck improves productivity.

Gravely, an Ariens Co.

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