Great Day Lawn Pro Hi-Hitch

Riding lawn mowers have the power and the low center of gravity to be natural towing machines. With dual attachment points — one for a trailer hitch ball and one for a hitch pin — the new Great Day Lawn Pro Hi-Hitch (Model LNPHH650) can transform a regular riding mower into a handy tool for pulling small trailers. Whether hauling off trash on a utility trailer, bringing up firewood, or just positioning a ski boat in a garage, the Hi-Hitch gets the job done.

The Hi-Hitch adds 12 inches of height to a mower’s tongue. It is braced and positioned at just the right height to keep trailers level and well balanced. With strong aircraft aluminum construction, the Hi-Hitch provides a lot of “horsepower” with very little weight added to the machine. Its weight capacity is whatever the mower’s stated tongue capacity is. It is easily installed and accepts all conventional trailer-hitch balls (trailer hitch ball not included).

Plus, the Hi-Hitch mounts to most conventional riding mowers with a minimal amount of drilling or modifications.

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