HNA Hardscape Project Award Winners

The winners and honorable mention recipients of the 2016 HNA Hardscape Project Awards were announced at 2016 Hardscape North America.

Fifteen winners and 15 honorable mentions received awards, which honor projects by contractors building residential walkways, patios, driveways, and commercial plazas, parking lots, and streets. The awards are sponsored by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), the Brick Industry Association (BIA) and National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA).

In its ninth year, the awards program received 114 entries. Entries were judged on project intent, design, quality of construction and craftsmanship, compatibility with related construction materials and systems, construction innovation, detailing and overall design excellence.

Profiles of the winning projects are as follows:

Combination of Hardscape Products – Residential – Less than 4,000 square feet

butler-rear-yard-makeover-3 copy

Winner: Butler Rear Yard Makeover

Location: Oceanside, Calif.

Contractor: Landmark Pavers

Manufacturer: Belgard

Designer: Isaiah Ruczewski

Description: The client’s challenge was to take full advantage of the expansive view afforded by a ridgeline, canyon location at the back side of the property line while maximizing the shallow depth of the backyard space. Landmark Pavers designed a family friendly, conversational fire pit surrounded by freestanding seating walls as the focal point of the hardscape setting. A Belgard Cambridge Cobble patio accented by raised planter bed walls with soft curved lines was installed in conjunction with a beautiful premier, artificial turf yard to complete this outdoor entertaining space. While access alongside the house was extremely tight because of a narrow side yard, the one unforeseen challenge presented by the project was the elevation that caused the drainage to have to be installed well beneath the standard depth in order to provide adequate fall to the street. After solving these issues, the homeowners can now settle into their westward sunset view surrounded by the colorful softscape organics that were added to complement this stunning hardscape installation.

Combination of Hardscape Products – Residential – More than 4,000 square feet


Winner: Baltazar Residence

Location: Wilbraham, Mass.

Contractor: Bahler Brothers

Manufacturer: Techo-Bloc

Designer: Jen Kloter, Bahler Brothers

Description: The homeowners needed a large space for entertaining. There is a series of retaining walls and levels of patios that create several outdoor rooms and functions. The panoramic view from the back of the house is key in this design with everything having to keep a low profile to maintain the openness and not block the view. An

Infinity Edge pool takes advantage of it from the patio, and was a crucial focal point of the design. The overall design and curve of each of the 10 walls was worked on with purpose — some creating niches for more intimate areas, some for slightly expanded areas and some as connections between spaces. The main living area of the house looks down on the pool and patio, so the interaction between the landscape bed lines, patio edges and the walls was created to flow across the different levels and work together as a whole. The entire area becomes a resort-like oasis for entertaining 100 people, and yet has intimate enough spaces to be comfortable for this family of four.

Combination of Hardscape Products – Commercial – More than 20,000 square feet

university-of-san-francisco-1 copy

Winner: University of San Francisco

Location: San Francisco

Contractor: The Legacy Paver Group

Manufacturers: Pavestone Company & Natural Granite Pavers

Description: The University of San Francisco Campus has undergone major redevelopment over the last eight years, removing asphalt driveways and paths and replacing them with more than 50,000 square feet of interlocking pavers. The addition of the new Science building included more than 30,000 square feet of granite pavers. The campus walk pavers are Pavestone Villa pavers, and the Science building pavers are custom-cut granite slabs in various sizes and shades of grey. Pavers were installed by The Legacy Paver Group. The most challenging aspect of the installation was working with tight deadlines over the summer to get everything in place by the time students returned for fall semester.

Combination of Hardscape Products – Commercial – Less than 20,000 square feet

nursing-home-courtyard-5 copy

Winner: Nursing Home Courtyard

Location: Wilmington, Mass.

Contractor: Monello Landscape Industries

Manufacturer: Techo-Bloc

Designer: Joe Monello

Description: This project is at a nursing home in Wilmington, Mass. The courtyard serves as the facility’s only courtyard and has a lot of daily use by the residents. The owners sought a new design for the space — something that would create a wow factor while also incorporating the needs of their residents. By utilizing outdoor kitchens, pergolas, water fountains, audio/lighting, seat walls, custom pavers, a sensory garden and a variety of beautiful plantings the client was provided with a showcase piece for the ages. The main patio was installed using a Techo-Bloc Blu 60 aged paver while the inner walkways contain a Techo-Bloc Blu 60 smooth paver. Using these different pavers creates a unique identity as they instill a sense of movement throughout the space. Seat walls were installed along the periphery of the patios with Techo-Bloc Mini Creta wall block. Custom pavers were installed with the company’s logo and location.

Concrete Paver – Commercial – Less than 15,000 square feet

territory-square-library-1 copy

Winner: Territory Square Library

Location: Florence, Ariz.

Contractor: Re-Create Companies, LLC

Manufacturer: Belgard

Description: The Territory Square Library and Recreation Center are part of the multi-faceted, multi-owner project with a variety of enhancements to be completed along the Gila River. It is one of the most important projects dedicated to the future of the entire community. The town worked closely with a legendary architect and planner to develop a bold vision linking this historic town with the growing suburbs. The use of pavers in this project helped create a warm, beautiful, and inviting environment for senior citizens, adults, teenagers and children to join together for the use of the surrounding amenities. Square is the word that describes this install. Starting with the overall layout, the 12×12 paver stack bond walkways and finishing with a field of ashlar pattern pavers, it was then bordered by a ground face soldier course that frames each paver area elegantly. Additionally, the differing paver colors helped maintain consistency with the overall design of the building.

Concrete Paver – Commercial – More than 15,000 square feet

centennial-mall-3 copy

Winner: Centennial Mall

Location: Lincoln, Neb.

Contractor: Dreamscapes, Inc

Manufacturer: Pavestone Company

Designer: Clark Enerson

Description: Built in 1967 to commemorate Nebraska’s 100th Anniversary and serve as a community gathering place, Centennial Mall recently underwent a complete makeover. The renovation effectively connects the state capitol to the University of Nebraska via a pedestrian-friendly environment allowing school children, community members and visitors to explore Nebraska’s history. Stretching from K Street to R street, visitors will encounter information about Native American Tribes, Nebraska’s diverse eco-regions, transportation history, state leaders, and community supporters. Pavestone supplied 30,000 square feet of pavers to the project. The paving stones were instrumental in telling the Nebraska story. Various colors of pavers were used to depict the different Eco-regions of Nebraska. Using special tools and their creative talents, the subcontractor engraved and inlaid the pavers to depict Nebraska’s rivers and railroad lines. The design also included a dark, monolithic, square-edged paver to highlight the importance of the state capitol building. Fountains along the way celebrate education, imagination, and creativity — supporting Nebraska’s motto: “The Good Life”.

Concrete Paver – Residential – Less than 3,000 square feet

zeplin-residence-2 copy

Winner: Zeplin Residence

Location: Omaha, Neb.

Contractor: Paver Designs, LLC

Manufacturer: Belgard/Techniseal

Designers: Jim and Justin Hampton

Description: Paver Designs, a father-and-son company with no employees, was brought in to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor living space in an area that was a blank canvas. A design featuring a paver patio with inlay, seat wall, fire pit, and water feature was created to bring some height and character to the large flat backyard. The homeowners’ desire was to make the patio a “destination” spot that would draw guests and visitors in. To get to the patio you must first cross over a stream via a stone bridge. Paver Designs hand carved two stone pillars and inset stained glass backlit with LED lighting to lead the way. After laying the pavers, Paver Designs hand drew the inlays to be cut in. A banding of natural stone was included in the wall columns to match those on the house. Forty tons of granite boulders were brought in to create a waterfall/feature, which includes a shallow wading area for grandchildren to play. LED lighting was placed throughout the project to create a warm, welcoming effect at night.

Concrete Paver – Residential – More than 3,000 square feet

nevada-wolfpack-basketball-court-1 copy

Winner: Nevada Wolfpack Basketball Court

Location: Reno, Nev.

Contractor: Hain Enterprises

Manufacturer: Basalite Concrete Products

Designer: Mark Hain

Description: Always up for a creative challenge, Mark Hain of Hain Enterprises was asked to create a basketball court for a customer that replicated the basketball court at The University of Nevada, Reno’s Lawlor Events Center on their property. Hain obtained access to the actual court at the Lawlor Events Center, creating a template over the center court logo and then taking his customer’s open-space land to create a beautiful and intricate concrete paver design. Through painstaking scribing and an insistence on precision hand-made cuts, Hain’s crews crafted a court that is the envy of all Nevada Wolfpack fans, and one that will last a lifetime. His use of several different paver colors and shapes to enhance the periphery of the logo also helped create a complete artistic canvas, in addition to the replication of the logo.

Concrete Paver – Permeable – Residential

post-oak-community-1 copy

Winner: Post Oak Community

Location: Atlanta

Contractor: Surfaces Group, LLC

Manufacturer: Pavestone Company

Designer: Watts & Browning Engineers, Inc.

Description: Post Oak Community is a private subdivision roadway of beauty and interest in an upscale Atlanta suburb. The permeable paver design was required to meet the impervious cover limitations and water quality requirements. The Pavestone Eco-Venetian was selected as the 4-piece combo provides a striking visual interest to the pavement. The designer, Watts & Browning Engineers out of Marietta, Ga., was also able to manage storm drainage and provide stormwater retention with the benefit of an aesthetic that matches the design of the new homes while complementing the surrounding existing homes. The warmth of the Chattanooga Sandstone color includes the earth tones of buff and charcoal to make a subtle blend that of a natural stone.

Concrete Paver – Permeable – Commercial

Commercial, Sea Scout Base, Galveston, Texas, Walkway, Parking Lot, Street, Walkway, Street, Embankment, Docking Yard, 30,000sf, Marble Quartex w/Slate Base, Pewter Arctex, Double Dose Charcoal

Winner: Sea Scout Base Galveston

Location: Galveston, Texas

Contractor: Gulf Coast Pavers

Manufacturer: Pavestone Company

Designer: Studio Outside

Description: Sea Scout Base Galveston is a destination and educational experience for Boy Scouts and Sea Scouts from throughout the country. This five-story dormitory, supporting site structures and the associated marina, serve primarily as a base of operations for groups of Sea Scouts to attend week-long summer camps, weekend excursions during the school year, and special scouting events year round. Concrete unit pavers were used throughout the site to connect the multiple outdoor-use spaces, and provide a functional-yet-beautiful underlying floor of high-end finishes and textures. The site landscape was designed to harvest and reuse rainwater. Parking for 50 cars and associated driveways were executed with permeable pavers, allowing rainwater to be collected via below-grade storage. Rain collection gardens showcase water purification and natural systems at the main entrance and bus drop. By using locally manufactured permeable pavers made in colors with high solar reflectivity values, the job was able to earn points in sustainable sites and conservation of resources credits, earning it a Platinum LEED Certification. The paver materials used for this job were City Stone I – 6×12 and Eco Priora permeable pavers in standard finish charcoal, shotblast pewter, and marble Quartex colors/finish.

Segmental Retaining Walls – Residential

sloping-tenn-backyard-1 copy

Winner: Sloping Tennessee Backyard Reshaped into a Backyard Paradise

Location: Leipers Fork, Tenn.

Contractor: Greenworks Landscaping

Manufacturer: Belgard

Designer: Kyle Peek, owner, Peek Pools & Spas

Description: The home had no flat or usable space, as the lot sloped in two directions. The homeowners wanted to add not only usable space to the area, but room for a pool and entertaining. The first thing that had to be done was to take the 15-foot slope and create a design so the pool and the patio areas flowed over the transitions in the slope. The contractor then built a 10-foot Allan Block retaining wall with terraces and stairs, creating a multi-level space for the pool with a vanishing edge, a waterfall and a 35-foot slide. Over 1,500 square feet of retaining walls and 2,100 square feet of pavers in a driftwood color were needed to make this area look as if it had always been there. Split-face Tennessee stone was used for the pool veneer and stair risers. Cambria pavers were used for the patio deck and Kichler lighting was used in the hardscapes, landscapes and underwater. With the multi-level patio area, water features, outdoor kitchen area, fire pit and the nighttime lighting, this backyard went from impossible to incredible.

Segmental Retaining Walls – Commercial


Winner: Notre Dame de Sion High School New Athletic Complex

Location: Kansas City, Mo.

Contractor: Lewis Block & Supply Company

Manufacturer: Pavestone Company

Designer: PGAV Architects

Description: Established in 1927, Notre Dame de Sion has been committed to providing the finest education to the area’s youth. In 1962, the all girls’ high school campus was established at its current location. Although 75 percent of Sion’s students participate in 11 sports across three seasons, Sion lacked its own track and field facility. A fundraising drive procured the $4 million necessary to give the school a 21st Century outdoor athletic complex. Sion gladly shares their new facility with other youth organizations and schools in the community. Pavestone provided 25,000 square feet of Diamond Pro Straight for the project. The wall block was used to improve the site by leveling the property to accommodate the new track and field. The main wall ranges from 20 feet tall at the east end of the property, down to 3 feet on the north side of the property. The wall block was also used to aesthetically improve the entry, walk and ramp areas, by adding texture, color and direction for the spectators and the athletes.

Clay Brick – Residential


Winner: Sheridan Private Residence

Location: Evanston, Ill.

Contractor: Nature’s Perspective Landscaping

Manufacturer: Whitacre Greer Company

Designer: Timothy Benz

Description: The clients at 715 and 713 Sheridan shared a common driveway. The original driveway was constructed out of asphalt when the 713 residence was built 12 years ago. The clients wanted the project to make the two properties look cohesive and integrated. Both properties are located in a federal historic district, and the 715 property is a federal landmark. The designer and contractor worked directly with the Evanston historic preservation director to get approval and meet the requirements of the zoning district. The design needed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. It was decided that the pavers in the driveway needed to integrate with the clay face brick of the two properties. Whitacre Greer was chosen as the manufacturer of the clay pavers, as it has a timeless look and quality aesthetic. Multiple artistic paver medallions made from Unilock’s Brussel block in the driveway added a unique flair to the overall design. A custom channel drain and other drainage solutions were implemented, as there were multiple grade changes along the driveway. Low-voltage LED lighting fixtures were installed in the driveway to provide a boundary and pathway during the night. A large fountain was installed in the center of the driveway turnaround to break up the front yard space.

Clay Brick – Commercial

wrigley-field-1060-1 copy

Winner: Wrigley Field 1060 Project – Phase 2

Location: Chicago

Contractor: C.R. Schmidt, Inc.

Manufacturer: Belden

Description: Wrigley Field is a Chicago landmark that is home to the Chicago Cubs and more than 100 years of history. In 2015, the stadium began a major restoration project to preserve the historic structure. The restoration will span several years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. The first area to undergo renovation was the center field bleachers and their entrance. Approximately 11,400 square feet of new Belden clay pavers — of which approximately 80 percent were engraved — were installed at this location. The challenge to this project was working within the existing constraints of the building footprint and placing name pavers in the location designated so fans could easily identify their personal piece of Wrigley Field.

Clay Brick – Permeable – Residential/Commercial


Winner: The Barbara Cox Center for Sustainable Horticulture

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Contractor: Outdoor Enterprise, LLC

Manufacturer: Whitacre Greer Company

Designer: Eric Sauer

Description: The Barbara Cox Center for Sustainable Horticulture was developed from a generous private donation to provide an efficient space to propagate approximately 5,000 tree seedlings per year to be used throughout the park district to re-forest wooded areas devastated by the Emerald Ash Borer. The project included the renovation and reuse of an existing 40-year-old greenhouse complex that demonstrates how old and outdated facilities can be reused to become a state-of-the-art facility without tearing down and starting over. The project also provides ADA accessibility to parts of the arboretum that were previously not available. A 10,000-gallon rainwater harvesting system was also installed to store stormwater (from the new plaza space and the roof of the greenhouses) for watering the trees and wildflowers with the automatic irrigation system. Asphalt and gravel surfaces were replaced by nearly 10,000 square feet of clay brick permeable pavers. The addition of raised seat walls and wood pergolas also enhanced the space for visitors. Paver layout and patterns direct visitors through the large plaza space to the front of the Center to help guide the interpretive process.

All photos provided by ICPI.

2016 HNA Hardscape Project Award Honorable Mentions

Combination of Hardscape Products – Residential – Less than 4,000 square feet

Honorable Mention: Beausir Residence

Location: Overland Park, Kan.

Contractor: MW Lawn and Landscape

Manufacturer: Pavestone Company

Designer: Aaron Albertson

Combination of Hardscape Products – Residential – More than 4,000 square feet

Honorable Mention: Collo Backyard Retreat

Location: Ashburn, Va.

Contractor: Holloway Company

Manufacturer: Travertine

Designer: Ted Tidmore

Honorable Mention: Hot Tub Movie Theater

Location: Wayne, N.J.

Contractor: Monello Landscape Industries

Manufacturer: Techo-Bloc

Designer: Joe Monello

Combination of Hardscape Products – Commercial – More than 20,000 square feet

Honorable Mention: Tivoli Auraria Campus

Location: Denver

Contractor: Continental Hardscape Systems

Manufacturer: Pavestone Company

Designer: Wenk Landscape Architecture and Planning

Honorable Mention: The Heights at Sugarloaf

Location: Duluth, Ga.

Contractor: Worthing Southeast Builders

Manufacturer: Pavestone Company

Designer: SGN+A, Brian Nonemaker, Principle

Combination of Hardscape Products – Commercial – Less than 20,000 square feet

Honorable Mention: Oak Ridge Country Club

Location: Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Contractor: Ladd-Scapes, Inc.

Manufacturer: Belgard

Concrete Paver – Commercial – Less than 15,000 square feet

Honorable Mention: Look Cinemas Prestonwood

Location: Dallas

Contractor: Arlington Pavers

Manufacturer: Pavestone Company

Designer: Studio Outside

Concrete Paver – Commercial – More than 15,000 square feet

Honorable Mention: State Farm Regional Office at Cityline

Location: Richardson, Texas

Contractor: Builders Services Company

Manufacturer: Pavestone Company

Designer: The Office of James Burnett

Concrete Paver – Residential – Less than 3,000 square feet

Honorable Mention: Old Town Oasis

Location: Fort Collins, Colo.

Contractor: Lindgren Landscape

Manufacturer: Belgard

Designer: Tim Lindgren

Honorable Mention: Hardscape Art

Location: Kingsport, Tenn.

Contractor: Jackson Jones Construction

Manufacturer: Techo-Bloc

Designer: Jackson Jones Construction

Concrete Paver – Residential – More than 3,000 square feet

Honorable Mention: Honeysuckle Lane Residence

Location: Appleton, Wis.

Contractor: CLA Landscaping

Manufacturer: County Materials Corp.

Concrete Paver – Permeable – Commercial

Honorable Mention: Riviera Beach Marina

Location: Riviera Beach, Fla.

Contractor: Precise Paving

Manufacturer: Belgard

Designer: Calvin, Giordano & Associates Engineers, EDSA Landscape Architects

Segmental Retaining Walls – Commercial

Honorable Mention: Lohi Gardens

Location: Denver

Contractor: Bear Retaining Walls

Manufacturer: Colorado Best Block

Clay Brick – Residential

Honorable Mention: New England Federal in PA

Location: Hummelstown, Pa.

Contractor: GoldGlo Landscapes, LLC

Manufacturer: Glen-Gery Brick

Designer: GoldGlo Landscapes LLC

Clay Brick – Commercial

Honorable Mention: Founders Way Renovation

Location: Greenville, N.C.

Contractor: Fred Adams Paving

Manufacturer: Pine Hall Brick CompanyDesigner: ColeJenest & Stone

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