John Deere reveals 2021 Gator lineup; TrueTimber available

Model-year 2021 John Deere Gators include new automotive-like features for easier operation and improved operator control. Product line updates include improved transmission controls, enhanced digital displays, easier gear shifting and refined power steering. Updated units provide instant engagement of 4-wheel drive and differential lock through a simple flip of a switch

Side-by-side owners need dependable, durable and easy-to-use vehicles to get the job done on the farm, ranch or yard. To address this need, John Deere is updating its Gator lineup for 2021. Operators will find the updated units include new automotive-like features that make the vehicles easier to operate and provide improved control in a variety of terrain.

John Deere, Gator, 2021, UTV, side-by-side

When operators take a seat in a new 2021 Gator, the first thing they’ll notice is the improved instrument cluster on the dashboard. The new instrument cluster provides more information at a glance, including gear position, fuel level, differential lock, and on some models, an RPM readout and service interval indicator.

Updated John Deere Gators, including the HPX Work Series, Mid-Size XUVs, and Full-Size XUVs, offer an integrated park position and improved shift pattern for easier operation and a more automotive-like feel. The updated units also feature instant 4-wheel drive that’s easily engaged with the flip of a switch to power through tough conditions and provide more control when going downhill.

Operators will also appreciate the upgraded automotive-style power steering on the Gator XUV M and R models, which provide smoother steering and better control on all terrains.

John Deere, Gator, 2021, UTV, side-by-side

“For 2021, we took a look at our Gator lineup and made improvements to the transmission controls, digital displays, gear positions and power steering,” said Mark Davey, John Deere marketing manager. “Customers will find that our updated units are easier to shift and control, provide instant engagement of 4-wheel drive and differential lock, and provide more information on the dashboard.”

The versatility of these vehicles is enhanced by a full range of over 100 attachments, including sprayers, snow blades and winches to help get any job done. The units are available in green, olive and new for model-year ’21, TrueTimber camo.

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