ECHO’s 2021 CS-7310P chainsaw is brand’s most powerful yet

ECHO Incorporated made history today by announcing the addition of three new chainsaws to the brand’s lineup:

  • the CS-7310P, ECHO’s most powerful saw ever sold in North America;
  • the CS-2511P, the lightest chainsaw in the world;
  • and the CS-4910, the lightest 50 cc chainsaw in its class.

ECHO delivered 20 new products in 2020 and expects to launch a total of 18 new products for 2021.

“We are excited to launch three new market-leading chainsaws this year,” said John Powers, Director of Product Marketing, ECHO Incorporated. “Our new saws are packed with more power and more professional features and are lighter weight than previous models. This allows our customers, such as arborists and landscapers, to get their work done quicker and more efficiently.”

2021 ECHO CS-7310P

ECHO’s CS-7310P is the company’s most powerful chainsaw ever sold in North America. It features 13% more power and weighs 2 lbs. less than its predecessor, the CS-800P. An ideal saw for commercial arborists and loggers, it includes all the professional features that professionals require and one of the best air cleaner systems in the industry. The CS-7310P is available in 20”, 24”, 28” and 32” bar lengths, with either .050” or .058” gauge chain.

Main features of the CS-7310P include:

• ECHO’s most powerful chainsaw ever offered in North America

• High-power 73.5 cc 2-stroke commercial-grade engine

• 4-stage air filtration system with pleated air filter ensures a steady flow of clean air to carburetor and results in longer air filter life

• Fully loaded with professional features like magnesium crankcase, starter cover, and sprocket cover, rim sprocket, dual spikes, aluminum handle with rubber grip, and more

• Decompression valve, digital ignition system, and choke with automatic fast idle all contribute to easy starting

• MSRP for the 20” is $799.99, 24” is $809.99, 28” is $819.99 and 32” is $829.99


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