Curtis Industries launches new A/C cab for Kubota zero-turn

Over the past decade, the surging popularity of zero-turn mowers in the outdoor power equipment market has reshaped the landscape of the industry, significantly changing how consumers maintain larger residential and commercial properties. For Curtis Industries — a company that manufactures cab systems for mowers, subcompact tractors and UTVs — competition in the zero-turn market has led to constant innovation.

Curtis Industries identified the need to offer greater protection from the sun and heat and has crafted a new zero-turn mower cab, specifically developed for the Kubota ZD1211 60-inch and 72-inch mowers. The cab features high-performance air conditioning to beat back the heat as well as tinting options to protect from the sun.

“Previously, most of our enclosures were in applications designed to protect people from weather like rain and snow,” John Davis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Curtis Industries, told OPE Business. “Our previous cabs protected from sun, too, but their primary purpose was protection from cold or wet weather.”

The zero-turn cab features a premium, automotive-style air conditioning system, which according to Davis provides automotive-level performance air conditioning to keep operators cool and comfortable. The windshield and doors, crafted from tinted, hard-coated, scratch-resistant polycarbonate material, add to the sun protection.

The fully-assembled, drop-on cab reduces the time and complexity needed to install the product on the mower — a bonus for dealerships and operators — while large, rear-hinged doors keep entry and exit effortless.  

“We’ve engineered it to ensure operators have easy access to the fuel tank,” Davis said, “and all other normal maintenance or adjustable items on the mower.” Davis added that accessories like optional front wipers, rearview mirrors and roof-mounted LED work lights will be available.

The air-conditioned cab releases in the Spring of 2021 and will be available through local Kubota dealerships. Davis added that the cab’s target market includes residential operators with larger properties, commercial, municipal and military applications.

“We consider ourselves the premium provider for cab and closure systems,” Davis said. “Our primary market is through a network of OEMs and we have a large network of aftermarket dealers in the U.S., Canada, and in parts of Europe and Australia.”

Headquartered in West Boylston, Massachusetts, the company was first started by Fred Curtis in 1968. To handle continued growth, the company recently moved into a 165,000 square-foot plant — a testament to nearly four decades of successful manufacturing operations.

Subcompact tractor, UTV, and even golf cart owners have come to expect quality and premium features from the enclosures developed by the company, Davis explained. With the cab’s release for the Kubota ZD 1211 — the company’s first air-conditioned cab for zero-turn mowers — Curtis aims to deliver the premium experience to the outdoor power equipment industry once again.

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