STIHL to Plant 2,021 Trees for 2021 in Pacific Northwest

STIHL Inc. has announced its support of recovery efforts in two Pacific Northwest state parks with the planting of 2,021 trees in 2021. The project will span the year, focusing on two parks damaged by wildfire: Collier Memorial State Park in Chiloquin, Oregon, and Lake Oroville State Recreation Area in Oroville, California. The project will officially kickoff June 7-9.

Wildfires impacted more than 1.2 million acres across Oregon in 2020, resulting in the evacuation of 40,000 people, disrupting entire communities with loss of life and infrastructure. In Collier Memorial State Park, 400 of the park’s 537 acres burned. In Northern California, meanwhile, more than 650 fires ignited during mid-August 2020; the North Complex fire, combined with the Potters fire, impacted approximately 70 percent of the 168 miles of shoreline that is considered Lake Oroville State Recreation Area.

STIHL will donate funds for trees, along with equipment and expertise, to help Collier Memorial State Park in Oregon recover from 2020 wildfires. Photo courtesy of Oregon State Parks.

In addition to funds for trees, STIHL will also donate augers for efficient planting. And to assist with the clearing of burned and hazardous trees, STIHL is providing the expertise of professional arborists Mark Chisholm and Katelyn Johnson. They will join STIHL representatives to offer training to park personnel. Volunteers with All Hands and Hearts, a natural disaster relief organization, will assist with planting.

STIHL will also contribute to the recovery effort at Lake Oroville State Recreation Area in Oroville, California, where 2020 wildfires damaged the Loafer Creek Recreation Area. Photo courtesy of California State Parks.

At both state parks, STIHL will be joined by Ryan Callaghan, director of conservation for MeatEater and host of “Cal’s Week in Review,” a podcast presented by STIHL. “I’m really looking forward to working and learning alongside STIHL and state park employees as we begin the recovery work in these important state parks,” says Callaghan.

“We’re excited to work alongside the dedicated staff who love and care for our country’s amazing state parks,” says Roger Phelps, STIHL Inc. corporate communications manager. “It’s an honor to do our part to assist in the recovery effort, and plant trees and offer expert advice on safe management practices to ensure our parks thrive.”

To join the volunteers at All Hands and Hearts, visit the organization’s website:

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