Ariens Chairman and CEO Discusses Labor Shortages and More on CNN

Dan Ariens, the chairman and CEO of AriensCo, recently appeared on CNN to explain the labor shortages currently facing OPE and many other industries.

Despite offering signing and attendance incentives, increased pay and childcare support, AriensCo is facing challenges due to a lagging post-pandemic workforce, he explained. Several industries in the United States are facing labor shortages and the OPE industry is no different.

“We’ve done a tremendous number of things to make our community better,” Ariens said in his interview with Michael Smerconish. “We’re actually competing with the government for work. The safety net is quite high and it’s pretty easy to settle under that safety net.”

In a related press release, the company states: “Over the last decade, AriensCo has worked to provide a more modern, safe and clean manufacturing environment for its employees and recently built a childcare center in Brillion, Wisconsin, to support them. The company routinely pays in the 90th – 100th percentile for the labor force it draws from in the state. AriensCo is looking to hire a variety of workers, including welders, assembly workers, machinists and more — in fact, every position in its manufacturing operation currently has openings.”

The entire CNN interview with Ariens can be seen here.


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