ECHO Launches New eForce 56V Battery System

ECHO Inc. has announced the launch of the company’s new cordless platform, the Echo eForce 56V Battery System. The eForce 56V Battery System will be available in early 2022 and will include 10 units, two batteries and two chargers. Each of the company’s key categories are included in the new lineup, including Echo’s Pro Attachment Series, with two powerheads that will run up to 15 or 16 attachments.

12-inch Top-Handle Chainsaw

“As battery-powered growth continues to soar, we wanted to give customers a superior option,” says John Powers, director product management, Echo Inc. “With a full lineup of 10 new units spanning the range of users from high-end homeowners up to professional landscapers and arborists, the 56V e-Force platform delivers the performance that users have come to expect from the Echo brand.”

The Echo eForce 56V cordless lineup includes the following units:

• Chainsaws: 12-in. Top-Handle Chainsaw and 18-in. Rear-Handle Chainsaw;

• String Trimmers: 16-in. String Trimmer and 17-in. String Trimmer;

• 21-in. Self-Propelled 3-in-1 Lawn Mower;

17-inch String Trimmer

• 550 CFM Handheld Blower;

• 22-in. Hedge Clipper;

• 17-in. Brushcutter;

21-in. Self-Propelled 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

• Two Pro Attachment Series Trimmers: 16-in. Pro Attachment Series Trimmer, compatible with 14 PAS attachments; and 17-in. Pro Attachment Series Trimmer, compatible with 15 PAS attachments;

• Two Batteries: 2.5Ah Battery and 5.0Ah Battery; and

• Two Chargers: Standard Charger and Rapid Charger.


The announcement was made in a live event as a pre-cursor to GIE+Expo, where attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about Echo eForce 56V and demo the products. Since 2017, Echo, reports, it has launched 109 new products, including 20 in 2020.


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