Canada’s National Capital Commission Banning Gas-powered Small Tools

Canada’s National Capital Commission (NCC) – the governmental organization responsible for development, urban planning and conservation in Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec – has announced that it is banning the use of all gas-powered small tools on NCC lands, including leaf blowers, line trimmers, hedge trimmers and small chainsaws. It is the first jurisdiction in Canada to enact such a blanket policy.

The ban, which takes effect April 1, 2023, also applies to all NCC maintenance contractors. The NCC is the capital’s largest property owner: It owns and manages more than 11 percent of all lands in the Capital Region. It also owns more than 1,600 properties in its real-estate portfolio.

“As the first jurisdiction in Canada to enact a blanket ban on the use of gas-powered small tools, the NCC is committed to climate change leadership and creating a greener and more sustainable National Capital Region,” says Tobi Nussbaum, chief executive officer, NCC  

“These steps are being taken in the context of the NCC’s Sustainable Development Strategy, which aims to preserve the National Capital Region’s natural environment for future generations and take ambitious steps to mitigate and adapt to climate change,” the organization stated in a press release.


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