Vermeer Midwest, Meridian Utility Equipment Sales are Yanmar Compact Equipment Dealers of the Year

Yanmar Compact Equipment has recognized Vermeer Midwest as its 2021 Multi-Location Dealer of the Year and Meridian Utility Equipment Sales as the 2021 Single-Location Dealer of the Year.

Vermeer Midwest: Yanmar Compact Equipment 2021 Multi-Location Dealer of the Year.

Vermeer Midwest, Yanmar CE’s 2021 Multi-Location Dealer of the Year, has 10 locations throughout the Midwest, including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Missouri, and also boasts a fleet of more than 30 mobile service vehicles.

“Vermeer Midwest has shown strong loyalty to the Yanmar CE brand,” Yanmar reports. “They have done much to share the benefits of Yanmar CE equipment and have maintained solid customer relationships despite challenging market conditions. Yanmar CE is grateful for the more than 15 years they’ve represented the brand.”

Meridian Utility Equipment Sales, Yanmar CE’s single-location dealer of the year, is based in Sacramento, California, and has served Northern California since 1986.

“Meridian has been a Yanmar CE partner for more than 12 years and has built a significant customer base,” Yanmar states. “They work tirelessly to share ways that Yanmar CE equipment can boost profits and productivity. The dealer’s commitment as a partner is evident in their recent years’ growth with Yanmar CE.”

Meridian Utility Equipment Sales: Yanmar Compact Equipment 2021 Single-Location Dealer of the Year.

“Vermeer Midwest and Meridian Utility took it to a new level this year. Their dedication to representing the Yanmar CE brand and sharing its value with their customers really sets them apart,” says Jeff Pate, director of sales for the Yanmar CE brand. “We’re thrilled to showcase these valued partners and recognize our appreciation for their performance as Yanmar CE dealers.”




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