Kohler Wins ‘Diesel of the Year 2022’ Award2022

Kohler has won Diesel magazine’s Diesel of the Year 2022 award for its new KSD 1403TCA engine. This is the company’s third Diesel of the Year award in the past 10 years from the European-based magazine; it won the award in 2012 for its KDI 2504TCR engine and in 2015 for its KDI 3404TCR SCR engine.

The KSD 1403TCA engine is part of the new KSD (Kohler Small Displacement) engine series, and is designed to adapt to all geographical areas, comply with all regulations worldwide, and be compatible with all types of machines – from mowers, tractors and mini skid steer loaders to generators, forklifts and refrigerators.

“We are enthusiastic and honored to receive this prestigious award now, for the third time in 10 years. It is the demonstration of Kohler’s strong commitment to the business and continuous investment in new engines,” says Vincenzo Perrone, president of Kohler Engines. “All of what has been accomplished is thanks to the hard work of our world-class global team. Words can’t express how proud I am of the collective efforts made by all our associates in making KSD a reality. It is through their dedication, perseverance and teamwork, not to mention expertise and collective know-how, that this project came to fruition and has been and will continue to be a great success.”

The 1403TCA – which stands for Turbo Common Rail with Aftercooler – is one of three engines in the KSD range, which also includes the 1403 Turbo Common Rail and the 1403 Naturally Aspirated. This version boasts a peak torque of 120 Nm @ 1400 rpm, a displacement-to-torque ratio competitive with engines of the same displacement but with outputs between 30 and 42 kW that need aftertreatment systems, the company reports. The sub-19 kW engine complies with current global emissions regulations: EU Stage V, US Tier 4 Final and, by the end of this year, also China Stage IV.

Kohler celebrated its award with a ceremony in the museum at its historic headquarters in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The ceremony took place in in Kohler’s evocative gallery, which displays some of the engines that have marked the history of the company.

“Remember recent prophecies about internal combustion engine’s premature burial? […] they were wrong, and diesel still has a long future in front,” says Diesel magazine’s Fabio Butturi, editorial coordinator. “The KSD Series is a demonstration of this. The most intimate reason for the DOTY 2022 is precisely in the audacity to have invested in such an engine platform.”


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