Rochester Gauges Changes Name to Rochester Sensors

Rochester Gauges, the Dallas-based manufacturer of gauges and sensors for measuring levels of various fuels and liquids, has changed its name to Rochester Sensors. The name change was prompted by organic growth and acquisition of sensor companies serving multiple markets, the company reports.

The company’s products measure liquid levels of propane, gasoline, diesel, coolant, high temp oil and refrigerants for many different applications, including lawn and garden equipment, agricultural tractors, construction equipment, residential and commercial propane tanks, automated propane tank monitoring, forklifts, RVs, marine engines, personal aircraft, compressors and coolant level for next-generation electric vehicles.

Along with the company’s name change is a new corporate logo. The word “Sensors” captures Rochester’s vision to be the preferred choice of OEMs for engineered sensor solutions. The form itself has a slightly more modern look while retaining the basic structure of the logo that served Rochester well for so many years. The green diagonal stripes on the “R” reflects a commitment to wireless communication and the environment, while the line under “Rochester” underscores continuing commitment to innovation and measurement excellence.

“We are excited about the depth of sensor know-how that we now have along with the in-house technologies to create engineered solutions for our customers,” says Ben Lease, president of Rochester Sensors.

“Our strength of purpose and commitment to customer satisfaction allowed us to keep supply lines and production working through two world wars, the cold war, terrorist threats and unforeseen pandemics,” says Glen MacGibbon, senior VP of global sales and marketing. “We look forward to serving the measurement needs of our customers through to the next century.”

Rochester has manufacturing facilities in Dallas, Texas; Mexico City, Mexico; Brussels, Belgium; Warwick, UK, and sales office in Shanghai, China. The company was acquired by Renovo Capital in 2018.


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