TurfBot’s Robotic Mowing as a Service Now Available in United States

TurfBot has launched as a franchised robotic mowing as a service company in the U.S. The Canadian company reports that it will be offering lawnmowing services to homeowners using zero-emission robotic technology.

The TurfBot concept involves offering robotic mowing as a paid service with a monthly fee. The mowers remain at customers’ homes throughout the entire mowing season and can be pre-programmed to mow on certain days/times or started on demand via mobile app. Customers also receive monthly maintenance visits from a TurfBot technician to ensure the mower is always in peak form. Regular trimming and edging can be added on to any mowing program.

“We don’t do anything without rigorous testing, and we’ve been testing this concept for several years now,” states Jennifer Lemcke, CEO of TurfBot. “Our goal was to ensure our franchisees could be successful doing this…that is of the utmost importance to us. We wanted to build a sustainable model for the future.”

TurfBot has partnered with SiteOne Landscape Supply to assist with equipment, supplies and logistics.

“We have a 25-year history with SiteOne that started with our sister company, Weed Man Lawn Care. It just made sense to partner with them on the TurfBot side – it really was the perfect fit. They have been instrumental in helping our franchisees get the equipment needed to launch their businesses and service their customers,” says Lemcke.

TurfBot notes that it has opened its doors in nine U.S. markets, with plans to expand into an additional 10 or more in 2023.


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